What’s saving YOUR life right now?

Answer me nowwwwwwww.

Tell us what is saving your life right now. 

Author Barbara Brown Taylor writes about this directive in her memoir, Leaving Churchwhen she was invited to speak on that very topic.

I mean, it’s something I’d love to speak on the next time I stand in front of a group of people, but for now, you, my dear readers, are sufficient enough.

Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy poses this question to her readers annually, and today’s the day we get to answer it. So, tell me, what is it for you? What’s saving your life right now?

I’ve got ten things that are saving mine…

1. Free childcare at the grocery store. Some people say that you should do all of your grocery shopping in one big trip, once a week, but let me ask you: why not do your grocery shopping three or four or five times a week when the store offers free childcare? The childcare workers love my boys. My boys love the childcare workers. I love ninety minutes of solo writing and shopping time. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

2. A sugar-free diet. I know. What’s happening to me? First gluten, now sugar – but friends, the results have been off-the-charts phenomenal; the inflammation in my back went away overnight. I’m still experimenting to see what I can and can’t have, but for the most part, cutting refined sugar out of my diet has been my body’s ticket to success.

You will call me Professor Meredith!

3. Being back in the classroom. As most of you know, I picked up a class teaching research paper writing to international students last month. This much is true: I love teaching. Standing in front of a classroom, getting to know a group of sixteen individuals, talkin’ writing and reading – love, love, love. (The grading, the grade book system and the traffic, I do not love, for your information).

4. No alcohol. I KNOW. I know, I know, I know. I’ve had one glass of wine in the last month, because along with cutting out refined sugar, I decided to see if cutting out alcohol – which naturally has a whole lot of sugar in it – did the trick. And, somehow, it seems to be helping. Say it ain’t so! 

5. Reading The Skimm every morning. One of my goals in the new year was to be “up” on the news even more; especially when it comes to writing and publishing in the online world, you have to know what’s going on in the world. That’s what people want to read. That’s what editors want you to connect the dots with. So, every morning, between my Jesus book and my cup of coffee, I get my unbiased read on, and I read The Skimm (which I’m loving and highly recommend).

Yup, totally my new hipster jam.

6. Mason jar salads. Is every other item going to be food-related? Yes, apparently. It’s the year of health, mostly to get All Things Back figured out so I can live without pain – so one of the things I’ve been incorporating into my diet, along with no alcohol, sugar and gluten, is lots and lots of greens. Every Sunday, I put together a batch of five Mason jar salads. Not only am I so very hipster, but I’m loving having salads ready and waiting for consumption.

7. Yoga. I have dreams of being Super Bendy Girl, but according to my physical therapist that will not be happening any time soon if I continue the current trajectory of stiff muscles and joints. So, I’m listening to my body and doing yoga every night; for the record, I am really, really good at Child’s Pose and really, really bad at most everything else.

8. Sitting on the floor with my boys for 15 minutes every night. I featured the article here last week, but it’s true: choosing to tune in to our children for what ultimately amounts to 15 minutes every night (before they get bored and move on to playing with each other), is saving my relationship with my boys. And you guys, I’ve found that I’m actually kind of fun to play with. Who knew?

9. Team Shalom. Y’all, along with the brain child of the Shalom in the City operation, Osheta Moore, there is a fantastic group of women who’ve come together to make Hopeful Resistance a reality. I can’t wait for the new season of the podcast to air (which starts in less than a month), and love where and how we’re moving forward in the new year. Stay tuned! 

Has Help Everyday Cara = Happy Cara

10. Making sure I have help, everyday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I’m a better mom when I get time away from my children. On average, I only have about 15 hours of childcare a week – but those 15 hours are gold to me. Additionally, in this season of travel for the HBH’s (Hot Black Husband’s) work, I’m learning that I have to line up some form of help, be it a babysitter/nanny, childcare at the grocery store, a friend coming over for dinner, so that I’m not depleted at the end of the day – or by the end of his time away. It takes a village!

So, that’s it. That’s a short list of what’s saving my life right now – and you know I can’t wait to hear yours. Also, head over to Modern Mrs. Darcy’s site to read how other bloggers are answering this question, too.

xo, c.

What is it for you? What’s saving your life right now? What of the above just tickles your fancy? Engage, engage, engage! 

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12 thoughts on “What’s saving YOUR life right now?

    1. Oh, I love it, Annie – and cheers to continuing in the Whole 30 lifestyle! (Without sugar, gluten and alcohol in our diets, we’re pretty close;)

  1. The concept of child care at a grocery store is a completely foreign one to me. The only comparable service around here is a Fitness Centre that happens to be located in the top floor above one of our local stores; it has child care for women who work out (and who could maybre do their grocery shopping afterward). I can see why that is life-saving for you!

    Your mason jar salads look delicious; I’m going to check that out, too. Thanks for sharing your list.

    1. Jeannie, childcare at the grocery store was pretty foreign to me until we moved here as well! I do love childcare at the gym, too, but am right now basking in home workouts and grocery store childcare. 😉 And yes, Mason jar salads are the BEST – and I end up eating salad for lunch every day, too. Win win!

    1. Cheers to The Skimm! As per sugar, it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be, mostly because the pros outweigh the cons and it’s completely mind over matter for me (ie: no sugar means I sleep through the night without back pain. I’m in).

    1. Oh, thank you, friend. And I will say that I tend to be an optimist ….so cheers to you getting to that place of having ten, too! xoxo.

  2. Interesting! I’ve just done the sugar free thing too… didn’t lose ANY weight but did lose cravings for sugar, which is great. Trying to not re-addict myself now.

    Back to the gym is one that I’m embracing… there are others, but right now it’s all a bit of a blur with Rick not being well… pulling out of it all though, which is good.

    1. It’s so interesting how sugar is in EVERYTHING – and for me, I’ve realized it’s also what keeps the weight on (as I’ve already lost 10 pounds being OFF it – crazy!). Praying for you and Rick when and as you come to mind. xo.

  3. BBT’s theology is not my cup of tea, but her writing is elegant and evocative.

    On important things, that scheduled 15 minutes each night with the boys is wonderful. There’s something organic in how the time spent in the presence of our kids and engaging with them builds the relationships into what God desires for families.

    1. BBT’s theology is certainly not 100% my cup of tea, but I sure, sure like her thoughts. Thanks for your encouragement with 15 minutes on the floor – it really is making a difference!

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