What’s your calling? (Plus, a giveaway)

Calling can sometimes feel like such an elusive term to me.

I’ve abused it in the past, believing that God so narrowly defined my place – where I was supposed to be and operate in his Kingdom – that my eyes remain closed to the rest of the world around me.

I’ve fluctuated to the other end of the equation as well, wondering if vocational calling is something Jesus defined or humans created.

And somehow along the way, I seem to have settled in a middle place, figuring that sometimes calling is specific, to a people and to a place, just as calling is sometimes more broadly defined. Sometimes it simply means opening ourselves up to the opportunities presented before us, to the goodness of God already existent around us.

Right now, my calling is to my words, to creating room to explore and dive into finding Beauty in the most unlikely of places, to entering into conversations of race, and to walking alongside others in their faith journeys.

And my calling is to the church, when I speak and use my words to encourage those who are listening – so that the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts might be pleasing in God’s sight. .

My calling is to the fifteen students I interact with for fifty minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, just as my calling is to my home, to being present with my children and with my husband. We play and clean and cook and rest. We enter into actively being love to one another, as we continue to transition to this new place.

So, I ask you: what is your calling?

And how are you asked to live your calling?

I am delighted to have my words featured in Live Your Calling: A 40-Day Devotional for Women Leaders. Published by Women Leaders (which is the rebranded name for Gifted for Leadership, which is and was a part of Christianity Today)the devotional is specifically designed for those women who are ministering in the church. Whether you’re a senior pastor, a women’s ministry director, a pastor of community engagement, a non-profit outreach director, a children’s minister or whatever else under the wide, wide umbrella of ministry, this book is for you.

For this, at least for the time being, is your calling.

So, enter in. Leave a comment saying “Pick me!” below to win a copy of the devotional. Explore the Women Leaders website. And if you’re encouraged – which I mostly definitely believe you will be – spread the word to other women in ministry, so that we can walk alongside one another appropriately.

Sound like a plan?

Let’s do this!

Want to win a copy of Live Your Calling? Leave a comment saying “Pick me!” by this Friday, January 27th and the devotional could be yours! Otherwise what is YOUR calling? What’s your calling in life these days? 

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17 thoughts on “What’s your calling? (Plus, a giveaway)

  1. I’m back at school to become a teacher. Public education (secondary level) is where I feel called. Not sure exactly what grade/capacity yet…. but I’m along for the ride.

    1. Chris, congratulations on pursuing this dream! I was a high school English teacher for four years and LOVE that age group. Thanks for leaning into your calling!

  2. Pick me…I’m currently an attorney working for a very poor state in child support whose agency got privatized so went from non profit to a for profit company.
    I am feeling called to go back to school to pick up a social work masters to work with troubled youth especially those with mental health issues…I am still working right now but feel the call growing stronger….i need to schedule a meeting with advisor to see how many credits would transfer and if I could do it part time.

  3. Pick me! I currently serve as the Spiritual Formation Council chair at my church and oversee the ministries of the church as well as lead Bible study and write studies. This devotional sounds like an excellent source of encouragement and challenge.

  4. Ooh, pick me! I struggle with all of the questions surrounding calling that you mentioned. Right now, my calling is to be home with my infant and my toddler … But so often, I wonder whether that’s “enough.” I’d love to read the insights of others – this sounds like a fantastic resource.

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