you are needed.

There are times that I haven’t felt like my voice was needed, let alone my gender a necessary addition to the life of the church.

But there have been women along the way – women like Mylinda, one of my first pastors, and Lisa, a woman in ministry who believed in my gifts as a lay person – who have reminded me that my voice, my identity and my gender are more than needed in the Kingdom of God. Head over to Gifted for Leadership to read the entire article, for the church, and the entire body of Christ, needs women leaders!

I remember our conversation like it was yesterday.

“Have you ever thought about being a pastor when you grow up?” Pastor Mylinda leaned over and asked, pointing to the people and the building around us. “I could see you doing what I do.”

I looked at her and gawked. Me? I wanted her to see something bigger, shinier, and perhaps a bit higher-paying for me. But she saw pastoring in my future, and a pastor of sorts I eventually became. It all began when Mylinda spoke those holy words to me.

Over the next 15 years, though, I began to doubt them. I hardly saw any women in positions of leadership. I’d left the little American Baptist church I grew up in—a denomination known for its support of women—and the church Mylinda pastored. Most of the worship settings I chose hadn’t yet figured out what they believed about females in the church.

Questions soon overwhelmed me: Could women hold positions of leadership in the church? All I knew was that I wasn’t seeing people who looked like me leading the flock. As a young woman, not seeing older women in leadership positions felt detrimental to my calling, my sex, and my identity. If there wasn’t room for other seminary-trained, called, women who had gifts and talents to share, how could I ever attempt to do the same?

Curious as to the answers to the questions I posed? Head over to Gifted for Leadership to read more, and remember, woman, you are needed!

Otherwise, enter the conversation: How important is it for you to see women leaders in the church? Whether you’re a man or a woman, how have women in leadership positively affected who you are? 

2 thoughts on “you are needed.

  1. The term leader is not clear to me? I love to see all of the women involved in running the church, and I consider them leaders. But I want the men to be the primary leaders as I see men as the ones who get along better with more people and the ones who don’t try to change the bible to fit their own personal family situation… They are not mama bears trying to protect their children from the consequences of sin. As a mom with three recently grown daughters I have seen a you-go girl culture push at the expense of young men and boys. I imagine you will start to notice this since you are raising boys. But really the boys seem to be suffering and faltering as are many churches without male leadership to encourage and guide their male peeps. Boys should be treated as though they will be future leaders of their families and churches. The churches that I see thriving all have male leadership. Men need to go to church and hear men talk about stepping into their leadership roles.

    1. Yup, I think we hold different positions on what leadership in the church might and does look like. In that way, this post may not apply to you, but thanks for engaging regardless, Kim!

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