this woman has changed me.


I’m telling you: it’s an honor to tell stories, to call myself a storyteller and to see my words come together to show the bigger picture. And even more, it’s an honor to be able to tell stories about those who are dear to me.

So today, I’ve got a story for you, a story of a woman who’s changed me over the last fifteen years. Click here to read about Bianca …or get started by reading part of the article right here.

Years ago, my friend Bianca and I traveled with our friend Laura to Costa Rica. When Laura and I arrived, jet-lagged and tired, dirty and sweaty, I wanted nothing more than to head to our little cabana to shower and sleep.

But Bianca would have none of my tired shenanigans. Instead, she made me jump on the bike she’d rented for me.

“Just start pedaling!” she yelled. She was certain that if I just got my body moving, if I could awaken cramped limbs enough to see and smell the beauty of creation alive in our little slice of Latin America, I’d probably change my mind.

And she was right, of course.

She grabbed the gargantuan backpack I’d lugged 4,000 miles with me, from Santa Cruz, California to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and hoisted it on her back. Laughing with joy–that the three of us had been able to make this adventure happen, that we’d finally arrived, that the week was ours to do with as we wished–she led the way to a karaoke bar on the side of the road. As I droned on about curling up in a ball to sleep the night away, she instead prompted me to embrace the moment for just a few more minutes.

“Cara, it’s karaoke. You love to sing. Come on, girl!”

Eventually, I obliged. Eventually, my moody tiredness was replaced with a giggling deliriousness, and the three of us sang “La Bamba” (the only song we recognized on the roster of Spanish-only songs), as if our lives depended on it.

Dying to read the rest of the story? Head over to She Loves and see how that night in Costa Rica changed me.

Otherwise, who’s changed you?

Who’s made a difference in your life?

Who do you want to be more like when you grow up?

Hugs and Monday kisses,


So, do tell: who is it for you? Who’s changed you from the inside-out? Let’s change the world by being the encouragers we were meant to be…

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