Join me at the ONE conference!


Friends, I am honored and elated and slightly flabbergasted to find myself speaking at the ONE Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska in April …and I’d love for you to join me!

Because, what does it mean to believe unity is possible, especially when it comes to conversations of race? 

If you consider yourself a “together person,” then please join us April 21st and 22nd. I’d love for you to join us, because I’d love to meet and connect with you!

Today’s the FIRST day of early bird registration, so head on over to the website and register today! Check out the line up of speakers. Read about the vision two friends, Deidra Riggs and Michelle DeRusha, had in seeing this conference come to fruition. Even if you can’t join us, you can spread the word, so link to website information on your favorite social media outlets.


Would you do that for us?

Otherwise, if you’re the praying type, we’d love it if you prayed for this time together, as we come to mind. 

Hope to see you in April!

xo, c.

So, are you going? Will you help to spread the word and even more importantly, elevate the conversation of unity? 

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