31 books I can’t live without: Pastrix (15)

This month I’m participating in the #write31days challenge by highlighting 31 books I can’t live without. Check out this post for more information, and otherwise, read on! 


51zknvvu7zl-_sx326_bo1204203200_Title: Pastrix

Author: Nadia Bolz-Weber

Synopsis: “Heavily tattooed and loud-mouthed, Nadia, a former stand-up comic, sure as hell didn’t consider herself to be religious leader material-until the day she ended up leading a friend’s funeral in a smoky downtown comedy club. Surrounded by fellow alcoholics, depressives, and cynics, she realized: These were her people. Maybe she was meant to be their pastor. Using life stories-from living in a hopeful-but-haggard commune of slackers to surviving the wobbly chairs and war stories of a group for recovering alcoholics, from her unusual but undeniable spiritual calling to pastoring a notorious con artist-Nadia uses stunning narrative and poignant honesty to portray a woman who is both deeply faithful and deeply flawed, giving hope to the rest of us along the way.”

Why I can’t live without this book: I smile when I think about this book. I read it at a time when I needed to be reminded that my faith didn’t need to neatly and nicely fit into a box. I needed to be reminded that the triumphant love of God is bigger than anything else, and I needed to be reminded that man, Jesus most certainly loves us even if (and especially if) we’re a little rough around the edges. Whether or not you’re a Christian, I think you’ll find Bolz-Weber’s words refreshing – at least that’s how it was for me.

(One of my) favorite quotes: “Singing in the midst of evil is what it means to be disciples. Like Mary Magdalene, the reason we stand and weep and listen for Jesus is because we, like Mary, are bearers of resurrection, we are made new. On the third day, Jesus rose again, and we do not need to be afraid. To sing to God amidst sorrow is to defiantly proclaim, like Mary Magdalene did to the apostles, …that death is not the final word. To defiantly say, once again, that a light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot, will not, shall not overcome it. And so, evil be damned, because even as we go to the grave, we still make our song alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia.” Amen.

So, Pastrix: can you live without it, can you not? And do you have to be a fan of progressive Christian memoir to do so? Opinions, please. 

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2 thoughts on “31 books I can’t live without: Pastrix (15)

  1. Love that you choose this book. Have you read her new book “Accidental Saints?” So good too! Nadia is a gift to the Lutheran church (I’m a Lutheran) I could listen to her talk or preach at any time! She teaches us so much about what the church should look like.

    1. Yes, I loved Accidental Saints but have a soft spot in my heart for Pastrix …I suppose b/c it was my introduction to her and came at a time I needed to read her writing the most. I’m not technically Lutheran but am a huge fan of Lutheran theology – went to a Lutheran college, so I feel like it’s in my bones. 😉

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