wherein we share a spot of tea (and I point you elsewhere around the web)

We’ve just sat down to tea together. We pull pillows up to our chests and we balance steaming mugs of hot beverage goodness on our laps, mostly because I have no clue where the coasters are hiding. And then we start to chat…

Me: Why, hello friend! How are you?

You: I’m good, I’m good. But my throat is sore. Can you just talk for a few minutes while I sip my cup of honey-lemon tea and let my flaring lymph nodes heal? You go first!

Me: Okay, fine fine fine, if you insist. Where shall I start? 

Well, I got to preach on racial reconciliation this past Sunday! It’s an honor, always. I talked about the imago dei – God-bearing image – of every single human on this earth, and how that’s really the start and end of the whole conversation of race. I dropped #blacklivesmatter in the sermon, which always feels a little spicy, and during the Q & A with my buddy Justin McRoberts, I may have accidentally made the mistake of thinking that Colin Kaepernik plays for the Seahawks. But it didn’t really matter, because Justin is a Raiders fan anyway and who Kaepernik plays for isn’t the actual point.

You win some, you lose some, you know?

Regardless, click here to listen to the sermon (or head to my Facebook page to see the video!) There’s a podcast on it coming soon, too!

Oh, and I should tell you: Passion. Purpose. Potential. I love seeing young women especially in positions of leadership, mostly because they’re following their hearts. They’re leaning into their dreams. They’re stepping into who they were created to be – and that matters, for all of us!


So, I have some thoughts for young women, especially those who are serving in a ministry capacity. If you know someone who fits that role, would you pass this on to them? Here’s a link to the article, which is featured over at Christianity Today. 

I’d sure appreciate it.

Oh, and memories: just yesterday, Cancan (that’s my oldest son, remember?) sat down for his blessed one-hour allotment of television.

“What do you want to watch, buddy?” I asked him, because you know, power of choice.

“The ponies! I want to see the magical, sparkling ponies!” 


So we scrolled through Netflix until we found the latest episode of My Little Pony. And it’s nothing short of the circle of life, people – I mean, I watched this obsessively when I was a little girl. I played with the ponies and when I got the chicken pox my dad built a stable – a real live wooden stable! – for my ponies to rest in.

And now my kid loves him some magical, sparkling ponies, too.

Friendship is magic! 

But, speaking of, this past month at The Mudroom (where I write monthly – check it out if you haven’t already), we’ve been talking about reminiscence, flashback and memories. I share a couple of stories from growing up and I pair them alongside a more recent experience I had in a therapist’s office.


I’d love it if you joined me over there, and then shared a memory with me!

Because seriously, does your throat feel better?

Can you talk now?

Inquiring minds want to know, and that inquiring mind is me! 

So, how are you, cup-o-tea-friend-sitting-across-the-couch-from-me? Otherwise, DO engage on some of the links listed above …I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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