the god die thing.


I like to be in charge, especially when it comes to parenting. You, three foot tall person, are not in charge. Yes I am! No, you’re not. Mama’s in charge. This is a conversation we have daily, and will continue to have daily long after the toddler and preschooler days, too.

But here’s the thing: I may think I’m in charge (when really, it is entirely them – mercy, mercy), and I also may think I’m the one teaching them. But as this post written for my friend Tim shows, that’s far from the truth.

My babies are teaching me, that much I know. So here’s to my ears and your ears and maybe, perhaps all ears being open to learning from the least likely of folks.

“Look, Mama! It’s the God die thing.” We’d just gotten off the freeway when he said it. My husband and I looked at each other across the console of the car, and asked our four-year old son to repeat himself: “What’d you say, buddy?”

“It’s the God die thing. That’s the church where God died!”

All correct theology aside, we watched his sticky little fingers pointed skywards toward a simple but ornate cross on the top of a faded church steeple. We drive past this particular church on the corner of Fruitvale and Harold all the time, but it wasn’t until my little boy pointed it out that I actually noticed the place. I saw the straight lines of metal, the peeling green paint, the delicate leaves of hope and new life, twisting and wrapping their way around the ancient symbol like tendrils.

And it was like I saw the cross for the first time.

My eyes filled with tears, while my husband shook his head in disbelief. Somehow, our son gets it, and microscopic neurons in his brain have connected the basics of Jesus + cross + death. Man, I think to myself, maybe in the midst of everything we seem to do wrong when it comes to parenting, we really have done something right. Grand ideas and beliefs and truths have wiggled into his brain and taken up residence in his soul, and now he’s the one teaching me.

Again, click here to read the post in its entirety. Otherwise, if you’re a parent, how have your children taught you lately? When it comes to faith and spirituality, whatever your leanings, how have you been shown Truth lately?

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