holy spirit conditioner.


Today I’ve got a story of conditioner (which we use a lot of in our house), the messiness of life (as evidenced by every hour of every day), and a story of friendship (which I’m always learning and growing in, that’s for sure). Here’s a nugget of the article, or you can head on over to She Loves Magazine to read the whole thing!

We go through a lot of conditioner in our house.

My husband and I use extra conditioner on our boys’ hair when it’s washed, then we spray down their curls with a leave-in detangler most every day in between. We comb through the tangles until the ringlets pop and bounce, mostly because they can’t do it themselves, partially because I refuse to shave their heads quite yet. My younger son, whose hair is longer, curlier, coarser, can’t stand the process, but for the time being, I’m bound and determined to have one curly-haired baby boy.

If we don’t have conditioner, all hair-hell breaks loose. Gnarled baby dreadlocks stand in place of ringlets. A matted mess threatens the back heads, the spot a permanent reminder of the previous night’s sleep.

And sometimes, I must say, I feel like I’m in need of my own extra dollop of conditioner, too.

Because life, man: it’s messy.

Relationships are messy. Schedules and calendars and deadlines are messy. Political and racial wars are messy. The division that so easily exists between Christians–and the way we tend to forget that Christ remains the center, even when we disagree–is messy.

Sometimes it feels like everywhere I look, and everywhere I step, and everything I put a listening ear to is consumed by mess. My own hair a tangled mat of curls, I find myself reaching for a bottle of conditioner to pour like honey over my hair.

Is it just me?

Do you ever feel the same?

Don’t worry: it does not end with questions, even though that is the best way to end a story sometimes. So, head on over to She Loves Magazine to read the rest of the tale.

Happy August!

xo, c.

Holy Spirit Conditioner: what the Jesus mumbo-jumbo is that? I know, I was thinking the same thing, but then it just came on out. So, your thoughts? Do tell!

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