10 ways to avoid burnout.

Burn out: it’s a real thing. I experienced it in the classroom, and I experienced it in ministry. I come close to experiencing it as a mom and as a writer when I don’t have the help I need, or when I spend all my free hours crafting my words.

So, the last thing I want is for the same thing to happen to you. Click here to read ten ways YOU can avoid burnout, or check out the PDF She Loves created of the article below:


Curious as to the story beforehand, or a further explanation of the ten ways you too can prevent burn out? (I know, it’s so Smoky the Bear of me). Head on over to She Loves Magazine to read the whole article.

In this life of wholeness with you!

So, have you experienced burnout? What did you do to get yourself out of the burnout hole, especially as it pertains to vocation? 

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