running toward reconciliation (a sermon).


A number of months back, my friend Brad asked me to speak on the theme of reconciliation at his church. The week before I was set to take the stage, a horrific string of events followed, one after the other: to Alton Sterling. To Philandro Castile. To six Dallas police officers.

Call it what you may, believe what you want about the eight individuals who wrongfully lost their lives, but the issue of race in our country cannot be ignored. Sometimes I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t know what to say and how to respond …but then, when I find myself before a couple services of Jesus-people, eager to engage in conversations about racial reconciliation because this is the conversation we can’t help but talk about, I do know what to say.

I’d love for you to pull up a chair and get cozy. Really, it’s a three-in-one sermon deal: reconciliation + spiritual friendship  through the lens of paralysis in Mark 2 + racial reconciliation (which, for future listening purposes, won’t be quite so broad next time). But the bottom line is this: when we see paralysis in our communities, when a distinct disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult happens time and time again to a specific people group, we can’t stand back any longer. We have to join in the conversation of race, even if for the first time. We have to run toward reconciliation.

So, click here and have yourself a listen.


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