the summer dessert that will change your life.

Brace yourselves: I’m about to let you in on a summer dessert that’ll change your life. 

Y’all ready for this?

This especially applies if you grew up camping every summer and find yourself yearning now for the taste of charred marshmallows. Perhaps you feel like you had one too many sticky stacks of high fructose corn syrup (as the HBH – Hot Black Husband – calls them) + chocolate + graham crackers when you were a counselor at summer camp.

But whatever your reason, have no fear, for gourmet s’mores are here. And as previously stated, they will change your life. Eager for a summer dessert for Saturday night’s Supper Club, I first heard about it on the Sorta Awesome podcast. Huddled around the grill on our backyard patio with fondue sticks in our hands [see, there is a use for the fondue pot you got at your wedding and still have never used], all six of us put it to use on Saturday night.

I opted for this delicious lemon meringue pie treat:

Photo courtesy of Cooking Classy.
Photo courtesy of Cooking Classy.

Jake one-upped the brilliant peanut butter s’more by adding a couple of maraschino cherries on top. The result? Peanut butter jelly time, y’all.

But then, add cherries. Photo courtesy of Pinch of Yum.
But then, add cherries. Photo courtesy of Pinch of Yum.

And Annie went wild for a little salted caramel, because who doesn’t love sweetness on top of sweetness (on top of sweetness, if we’re going to be so kind to our genuinely sweet friend):

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping.
Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

Really, the possibilities are endless, but as for me and my house, we will serve the gourmet s’more. And I know, I know, this information may be nothing new for many of you, but I’m pretty sure my eyeballs rolled into the back of my head on Saturday night and may never return to normalcy given the simple decadence I ate.

So, go ahead: thank me now or thank me later, but just try it and thank me someday.

You’re welcome!

xo, c.

So, gourmet s’mores, grown-up s’mores …have they changed your life like they did mine? What’s your favorite combination? Otherwise, what’s YOUR favorite summer dessert? Do share! 

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  1. I’m still a classic s’more kind of guy. Channeling my inner child? All I know is they taste just the way I want ’em to taste.

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