the 3 most important questions, ever.


Meet three of my friends, Loree, Nikole and Mary Beth. Back in the day, we were all intertwined in middle school ministry together, as a parent, a student, a director and a volunteer leader respectively. Even though we’re all grown up now (and still rocking side ponytails, I might add), it was with them that I learned the art of asking questions. 

And I’ve got to tell you something: they taught me that there are three questions every human wants to be asked. So I wrote about it, of course. Click here to read the whole article!

We sat on a blanket outside the dining hall, our bare feet dangling over the fabric’s edge.

Camilla was 13, roaring to start the eighth grade at Mount Vernon Middle School in less than a month. I was 26, director of a local middle school outreach ministry, at a summer camp as a counselor to her and a handful of other students that week. Despite my prompts asking her to tell me about herself, her family, her pets—questions that typically get responses from other early adolescents I knew, as children are generally less guarded than adults—she remained mute.

I was stumped.

My only assignment that day was to have a conversation with the girls in my cabin, but nothing I said seemed to work with her. Then I remembered my friend Anna’s “three questions.” Anna was so passionate about her work with middle school students that she’d spent her professional life tending to their unique needs: first as a youth pastor, then as a junior high guidance counselor and later as a teen therapist.

If anyone knew how to get the Camillas of this world to open up, it was Anna. I yearned to do the same.

“I have three questions for you,” I said, then took a deep breath. If this didn’t work, our conversation would remain entirely one-sided.

I know, I know – I’m leaving you hanging like nobody’s business, but there are three questions I think every man, woman and (middle school) child desires to be asked, and I’d love for you to read the rest of the article to see what they are!

So, what do YOU think the three most important questions are? And on a similar thread, what’s the best question someone’s ever asked you? 


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