getting my omnivore on.


I’ve been rather omnivorous lately.

Omnivores, as you may recall from seventh grade Life Science class, feed on both plants and animals. While someone might be omnivorous and be known to feed on just about anything in sight, omnivores aren’t likely to gorge on margherita pizza.

Or drink a glass of wine after dinner.

Or relish in a plate full of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven.


My own adventures in omnivore-like eating have stemmed from participating in the Whole 30 elimination diet this past month. By the time some of you read this post, I’ll slowly be reintroducing dairy and alcohol, grains and legumes and sugar into my diet. Hopefully, I’ll continue with the eating habits I learned during the 30-day period. And hopefully, selfishly, pretty please little baby Jesus, I’ll find that I can continue to eat my three favorite food groups (bread, cheese and wine), when the reintroduction phase passes.

But more than anything, I want not to forget the renewal I’ve experienced through food this past month.

do not fret, there’s more, there’s more! Head on over to The Mudroom to read the rest of this post. Otherwise, how have you recently experienced renewal, through your body, your soul, your heart, your mind? Do tell! 

2 thoughts on “getting my omnivore on.

  1. Cara MacDonald Meredith, Glad to see memories of 7th grade Science – must share with Terry Shrout.

    Peace, Don Watson


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