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As you may have come to realize, Tuesdays are days for guest writers on the ol’ blog. And today is no exception. Although it’s not technically about this year’s theme of “holy curiosity,” it’s a holy curiosity in and of itself that my friend and newly minted author Kristalyn Simler has a book to share! So, read this interview with her, then leave a comment below to win a copy of Send me a Postcard. Enjoy! 


Kristalyn, I’m so glad you’re here today! Tell us a bit about yourself, will you? I’m 5’4″. I’m married to a real cool guy and we’ve got two snazzy kids. My favorite color is brown and dessert is my favorite meal of the day.

And what then is Send Me a Postcard about? Gloriana Lopez and her travails of living in a small town, falling in love, kissing, heartbreak, friendship and redemption.

What was the inspiration behind the book? My half-sisters, Mexican food, and teen angst.
Kristalyn & her half-sisters.

What do you hope readers will come away after reading your novel? A little more empathy, a lot more hope and perhaps a hankering for tamales.

How is it that you landed in the YA (young adult) genre? I’ve had the crazy honor to work and volunteer with teens and tweens since college. They have a special place in my heart.

What about the writing process gives you life? All of it, except maybe editing the 22nd time around. I get giggly when I get to sit down and write.

Any tips for new writers, or for those who haven’t published before? Be patient, give yourself grace, don’t get your identity from anyone else (especially agents that reject you), ask questions, drink chai or horchata (has just the right amount of sugar to keep you going), write fast and spell check later.

How do you fit writing into your everyday life now? Very creatively. I’m a flight attendant (for my “real” job) so I keep a journal in my luggage – I have a lot of ideas and character inspirations, so I need to write them down so I don’t forget them, and computers aren’t allowed on the jump seat!

Better readers make better writers: what are you reading right now? Everything – just picked up Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave and Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley from the library. I love the library.

And do you have any inklings toward your next book that you can tell us about? I want to flesh out a few other characters in “Send Me a Postcard” – so perhaps a few novellas – Jose, Teresa, Katina, Pili, Luca… There’s also a good chance I’ll be writing about some of my adventures in the air.

Anything else you’d like to say to the studio audience? Thank you for supporting a debut author!


Here’s a picture of Kristalyn and her darling family …and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that they’re some of my favorites! So, how did Kristalyn’s words encourage you today? Leave a comment and win a copy of Send me a Postcard. Winner will be picked on Monday, May 30th. 


18 thoughts on “an interview with author kristalyn simler (& win a book!)

  1. This sounds like the PERFECT book to kick off summer!! Fun to read a little bit of “behind the scenes” about an author. 🙂

  2. kristalyn is so well-read… prolly has a family library book checkout rate that is award-winning… thanks, k, for helping me remember to read so I will write well! I have enjoyed her literary style since 2003. In all its forms, it has been ongoing inspiration.

  3. Loving her reminder to give yourself grace…even if rejected! Love Kristalyn and this opportunity to get to know her better! She’s the bees knees! 😉

  4. She amazes me…I’ll never forget my first introduction to her writing…she described driving in Cambodia as”poetry in motion” I still quote her words daily. Would love to read her new book. Keep on!

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