home is where the heart is, among other things.

I’ve been out of town for 19 of the last 35 days.

And as you might guess, I’m itching for home.

I don’t travel regularly for work, not in the least. Mostly, I take care of my babies, and I speak and write on the side. But occasionally – as happened in the past 35 days – all travel and activity fell at once. Between two out of state speaking engagements, one trip to visit family across country, one weekend visit to the mountains with friends, and another trip across country for a writing conference, I’m wiped.


Really, this isn’t anything new. Think about the common cold: when one person in a family gets sick, every person in a family gets sick.

Or, when said sickness decides to pay an individual a visit, it’s always at the most inopportune of times – when we’re in the middle of a busy season or immediately afterwards when we’ve finally taken a moment to stop and pause and catch our breath.

It’s an all-at-once mentality, and be it sickness or travel or life in general, it gets pretty exhausting after awhile.

And personally, it makes me yearn for home.

Don’t you worry: the article has just begun! Click here and head on over to Living in Graceland, so you can read the rest of the post. Otherwise, what makes YOU yearn for home? When do you find yourself desirous of someone (or the One) who can bring you comfort? Enter the conversation, and leave a comment below!

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