the light of the world (book club podcast #1).

Well, as some of you know, there are some new adventures on the horizon! A big announcement is coming next week, but otherwise, one of the most exciting parts of 2016 for me has been stepping into the world of podcasts.

Through the Sorta Awesome group for Writers Who Love to Vox (yes, it’s a real thing), I became friends with the loveliest, sassiest, most fabulous of people, Osheta Moore.  And not only is Osheta a writer, but she’s also the creator and inventor of the newly-acclaimed Shalom in the City podcast.

So, she and I got to talking. And we said to each other, what if we had a book club podcast of sorts? What if we invited those whom we’re in community with, both on the Internet and in real, fleshy life, to join in conversations around one book a month? What if, what if, what if? 

And our first book club podcast, for Elizabeth Alexander’s The Light of the World, just went LIVE this past week.


(Click here to head so you can head over to iTunes and subscribe today!)

So, did you read it with us? What did you think?

Even if you didn’t the book, this is potentially the best idea for your life: You still get to pretend like you read it. You get to pull up a chair and pretend like you’re sitting on cozy cushions in the living room of your choice, discussing the book. It’s like the best Get Out of Jail pass ever, because you get to do book club without even having read the book.

You’re welcome.

Let’s do this:

  1. If you read the book along with us, join in the conversation! Leave a comment below or in the Shalom Sistas Hangout group on Facebook.
  2. Do check out all of the show notes, which can be found here.
  3. Join us for April’s book of the month, Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. Then, look and listen for the podcast to go live the last Friday of every month.

Also, if you have any other questions, check out the original post on the book club podcast.

Happy reading, y’all!

So, did you like it, love it, want some more of it? As per the podcast: LISTEN!!!!! And then come back and tell of all the brilliant conversations you had along with us, in the company of your earphones. 

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