holy curiosity: holy security (crystal lowery).

Holy Curiosity: sometimes our curiosity looks a bit like security. I love that we’re taking time to explore this theme together this year …and I love that my story-weaving friend, Crystal, has something to say about it. Crystal and I are friends from high school, and while we liked each other enough back then, I sure do LOVE seeing who she’s become now. Enjoy her words today!

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This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken one night when I went out with some beloved friends in Dallas. We hadn’t seen each other in years, but caught up like no time had passed. We mourned with eachother over some losses, and became giddy with excitement over one another’s successes.

As I sat there, staring at my gorgeous, brilliant, prosperous girls, it dawned on me how rare it was for three women to lift one another up like that, without a hint of jealousy or insecurity.

It was a Holy Moment.

Writing about holiness is not my forté. My strengths are fart jokes and bad metaphors. Like a bean burrito brewing in the stomach, plotting a vaporous escape, I churn humorous material in my mind and release it on social media. (See what I did there?) I rarely write about being a Christian, though holiness has a hand in everything I compose. Consider the following quote from theologian Martin Luther:

“The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.”

Of course, there has been debate about that quote’s attribution to Martin Luther. It may very well have been uttered by Luther Vandross, which would explain the 1989 epic wedding ballad “Here and Now” because that is some fine craftsmanship.

Whichever Luther is responsible, the truth remains: since we bear the image of a Creative God, it honors Him when we create things well.

We were, in fact, made to be creative, in order to reveal and reflect Him to the world around us.

I consider humor to be one of the creative arts. Crafting a good joke is actually really hard. Even more difficult is mustering the bravery to submit that joke to an important editor, revising and apologizing when a gag has crossed the line, and continuing to write new material despite the frequent rejection that comes along with the arts. If it weren’t for the deep security I get from Jesus, I would have quit a long time ago.

Perhaps holiness looks less like Ned Flanders at Sunday school, and more like three friends at a table, vulnerably sharing their lives–armed with Holy Security that keeps them lifting one another up.

That’s how holiness guides my writing. You won’t see me putting little crosses on my fart jokes or wrapping up each metaphor with a scripture.

Instead, you’ll see me working hard at my craft.

You will see me rejoicing for other writers when they succeed, fearlessly submitting my material to publishers, and not being crushed by failure or people’s opinions—all because I’m operating from a position of Holy Security in God’s abundant love.

huffpostimageCrystal Lowery is an American mom working in England. By day, she does medical research, by night she wrangles two toddlers, a boy and a girl. She has made millions laugh on The Huffington Post, Scarymommy, For Every Mom, In the Powder Room, Mumsnet and others. You can find her blogging at Creepy Ginger Kid and she’d love for you to follow her on FacebookIt’s Cara again: don’t you love Crystal’s words? I love how she weaves a curiosity for humor with a security in self and in God. So, tell her what you thought by leaving her some love below, and don’t forget to submit your own post, too!

2 thoughts on “holy curiosity: holy security (crystal lowery).

  1. Yes – rejoicing with others; realizing we live in abundance rather than scarcity. That is how we spread the Gospel. And, I do wonder how many fart jokes were made while Jesus & the Apostles were walking miles of roads. I blame the editors.

  2. I have never ever–in my entire life–considered writing fart jokes for God’s glory. But I LOVE that you do, Crystal! Really love it. I’m with Annie, too, that Jesus and his buddies must have told some great jokes. Thank you for sharing this.

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