not stopping for nobody.

It happened for the first time on Saturday: I only took time for myself.

I walked down MacArthur to Lakeshore and found myself in line at Starbucks. My stomach wanted nothing more than a white chocolate Americano, my winter drink of choice. I had an entire table to myself and sipped my drink until it grew cold. I read and I wrote and I nibbled at a sugar-crusted berry scone, the other item my stomach almost salivated for while standing in line.


But the scene turned a corner when I left, because that’s when I had a choice to make. Would I stop by the store and buy some milk for my youngest son, along with the other grocery items on the list? Would I pop into the local children’s store and check out the clearance rack to see if anything stuck out to me for either of my boys? Would I walk through the men’s section of the Gap in an effort to find a new shirt for my husband?

One by one the answer came: No. No. No.

I suppose it sounds like a rather ordinary scene but it was nothing less than life changing for me.

For three and a half hours, I chose myself.

For three and a half hours, I ignored the pending needs of my family and I listened to the inner voice that asked me what I needed at that moment.

For three and a half hours, I shoved the shoulds to the side, and I ignored the have-tos and the ought-tos and the you-really-need-to-do-this voices in my head. I only listened for what I needed to hear and do and be in that moment.

And for the first time in a long time, I felt fully, wholly, extraordinarily alive.

don’t worry, the self-care continues! Hop on over to Kelsey Munger’s blog where I continue to expound on indulging in a little bit of me time. 

So, what does self-care look like for you? How do you choose yourself in the midst of job and family and LIFE responsibilities? Teach me, teach me!


5 thoughts on “not stopping for nobody.

  1. I’ve been thinking about this lately too! I’m still figuring it out, but so far self care has been figuring out something small to do for myself at home everyday. In all my searching, I’ve at least learned that I need to do something every day, and surprisingly, I can do a lot of little things with my kids around. 🙂

    1. Heidi, I completely agree. Too often I equate being at home with the kiddos as absolutely no time for me, but I’m learning that there ARE little things I can do here or there that make a big difference. Good word!

      1. Granted, they’re not the equivalent of a three hour break by yourself. But when we have months with no break in sight, they definitely help a lot.

  2. ahhhh i love this post. SO glad you are taking this time and I’m more motivated to do the same. (p.s. popped over to your friends blog but had to comment on yours 😉

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