top ten posts of 2015.

It’s always fun to look back through all the stories that have been told and lived and experienced over the past year. And 2015 is no exception. Take a walk down memory lane with me, and see if you remember the the top ten posts of my blog from the past year:

10. Rewriting a picture (on motherhood).   It’s “in these moments of inadequacy that we discover our true selves – we discover that Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.” Yup. Truth.

9. A story, the beach and some family picturesRemember when Cancan insisted on wearing his swim trunks to family pictures?

Shelley Pimentel Photography

8. World’s worst candy striperBecause we all need to hear a story of free soda pop and jumping in elevators at the Salem Hospital.

7. What’s saving my life right nowI loved this prompt from Modern Mrs. Darcy, and have come back to it several times this last year (not always on the blog, but in my head). So, what’s saving your life right now?

6. Searching for SundayHailed as one of Christianity Today’s Best Books of 2015, I too loved Rachel Held Evans’ latest memoir and had a blast serving on the launch team.

5. Jumping on the abundance-believing trainAbundance vs. scarcity: this I can’t get out of my head.

4. 82 ways to succeed at Costco, without really tryingIt was also quite the honor when Scary Mommy picked up this story!


3. Friendship, unrequited. This was such a hard-but-good piece of truth for me to write. 

2. Bringing sexy back, againJust a reminder in case you wonder why I used the word “sexy” in the title: because reading is sexy, y’all.

And the #1 post read in 2015, probably because of the thousands of shares on Facebook, and the fact that it was picked up by For Every Mom and Faith It, is…

1. A letter to my black sonI am proud of and I stand by my words, just as I am proud of and stand by my beautiful boy.

Shelley Pimentel Photography

So friends, that’s about it. What do you remember from this past year? What are some of your most memorable posts from this site? What would you like to like to see more of or see me explore in the new year? PS: Happy New Year!

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