just another boring christmas letter from us to you.

Dear friends and family,

Well, it’s been another ho-hum year at chez Meredith. Unlike the rest of the Bay Area, heavy rains and gusty storms have seemed to shy away from us again this year. Our very own ray of sunshine seems to have made residence directly above our house, casting down balmy eighty-degree weather on us and us alone. Call it luck. Call it Divine Providence, or simply call it as it is: we are nothing short of fabulous. So, what say you?



Frodo (15 months) dabbles in WWF wrestler-in-training moves by day while attempting to imitate the likes of Picasso and Renoir by night. Do come over and check out his artwork on our walls sometime! He just strung his first sentence together yesterday (“Good-bye, Father. You sure make life more pleasurable for me. Is there anything I can do to serve you now?” in case you’re wondering), so we predict a future career in foreign language or linguistics. Or he might just continue in his renaissance ways, and take the world by storm, using his unique artistic-wrestling moves.

As some of you know, Cancan (3.5 years) is up for bid in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. We are quite proud of our aspiring world leader, and he’s nearly finalized his acceptance speech (with shout-outs to the firemen and garbage men of this world, the popsicles with which we bribe him to eat his nightly dinner, and the tower of Legos doting every corner of every room of our humble abode: “When I’m President,” he says at the end, “popsicles for all! Good luck and good night”). Meanwhile, he’s more than enjoying preschool, a daily dose of fort-building in the living room and all his servile parents have to offer him.

The HBH continues to hone in his dance skills on a nightly basis in our living room, and really hopes to be what America is looking for on the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour later this spring. Coming to a city near you! Cast your vote! Text I-Heart-the-HBH [Hot Black Husband] to 867-5309! Otherwise, when he’s not saving the world – and our family – with his sweet moves, he’s enjoying his second year at J.P. Morgan Chase and is devouring life on the sunny side of the bay.

Cara, the immaculate conception of a letter writer herself, woos the aforementioned babies by day and flirts with a host of words in her head by night. She recently completed her first manuscript and fist-pumped the air – and her husband and her computer screen – when she typed the final 72,630th word. Besides being a bonafide fist-pumper, she’s also started speaking (professionally) quite a bit again, and in general, enjoys making the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. Or so she sings.

Well friends, we do hope your normal, everyday lives, although minor in comparison to the utter radiance that is ours (…), shine in their own small way this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

The Meredith Clan

So, what say you? How did your year shape up? Anything you’d like to add to our Christmas letter that we forgot? Merriest of seasons to you. 

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