practicing the christmas present.

Things have been rather quiet around here, if you haven’t already noticed. Once I plucked out that final note on the manuscript two weeks’ ago, I vowed to take a break from writing for the month of December. And for the most part, I’ve stuck to my vow. As I should. As you should. As we all should, I think.

I’m seeking to live in the present, with my boys, with the HBH (Hot Black Husband), with those who’ve landed in our path. In a week, we’ll hop on a plane bound for the Northwest, but otherwise we’re going to do our spend our days staring at the Christmas tree, reading by the Christmas tree, moving all the ornaments to the top third of the Christmas tree, and basking in beauty that is the Christmas tree (and all things Christmas).

So, but for the occasional post here and there, things will remain rather silent for the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, go and hug those you love. Hold them tight, for this moment is fleeting. Think of those you love and call them and send them a card in the mail, while you’re at it.

Then, after you finish looking at these “Let’s Get Jolly!” pictures, go ahead and shut your computer and begin again.

Charlie Brown, you ain’t got nothing on our tree!
Shoulda, woulda, coulda bought the ho-ho-ho hat.
Cancan (who dressed himself for the occasion, ahem) cozies up with Mr. Claus at a neighbor’s holiday bash.
Sometimes the best part of Christmas break is visiting Dada at his office and riding the escalators fifteen times in a row! 

Merry Christmas, dear ones.

xo, c.

So, how’s your December thus far? What are you BASKING in? Tell me about your adventures – I want to hear! 

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