rose-colored glasses (30 seconds or less).

Y’all know that I’m a fan of the Enneagram, a typology of nine different interconnected personality types. I’m a Seven, The Enthusiast! If I had my way, I’d end every sentence in an exclamation points, and I’d carry pompoms around with me everywhere I go (exclamation point). But I can also be scattered and easily distracted – Squirrel!* 

Enter my new friend, Jim Kast-Keat, and his visionary masterpiece, #Enneavember.

#Enneavember is part of 30 Seconds or Less, Jim’s brain-child. While I’m still fairly knew to the whole idea, listen to what he says about it here: “Thirty seconds or less is the world’s shortest podcast, a flash mob of ideas, hundreds of voices exploring the at of elimination. If you can’t say it in thirty seconds, you’re probably not ready to say it at all.” 

Ain’t that the truth.

Well, Jim thought it a brilliant idea to highlight all nine different Enneagram personality types through 30 Seconds or less. And brilliant it is. Each one of us submitted a 30-second voice memo about our type, tied into the theme of social justice or mindfulness.

Here’s mine:

And in case you don’t want to listen to a 30-second clip, you can read the 81 words below:

“Sevens see life through rose-colored glasses.

A pile of garbage is not merely a heap of junk, but a picture of beauty sprouting from the most unlikely of places. Soul wanderers, we have a tendency to always want to jump on the newest, shiniest object, which is why we sometimes have to make ourselves stop and pause, breathe and think.

And when we enter in to this mindfulness, we see the world anew, as a child would: clear, bright, pure.”

Otherwise, take a minute to check out 30 Seconds or Less if you haven’t already. Learn more about the Enneagram as you listen to voices from around the world, and then join in the fun. It’s a movement, and all are welcome!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go clean my rose-colored glasses.

xo, c.

So, let’s talk about you: Have you ever participated in a podcast, 30 seconds or 30 minutes in length? And remind me, what Enneagram type are you? How does your type mingle with issues of social justice or mindfulness? 

*Dug the Talking Dog, from UP.

6 thoughts on “rose-colored glasses (30 seconds or less).

      1. I took a short form test on line and came out tied between 5 (investigator) and 9 (peacemaker). If I’m a 5, then my wing is 4(individualist), If I’m a 9, then my wing is 1 (reformer).

        So I’m either a 5w4 or 9w1. I don’t know what to make of it.

        1. I can see both. The 5 in you relates to all that we’ve said you have in common with the HBH. I would assume the 9 in you makes you excellent at what you do during the day. Reading Rohr’s book confirmed it for me; I wondered if I was a 3, a 4 or a 7. 7 confirmed, with 8 wing. 🙂

          Cara Meredith

          writer, speaker, musician.


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