what's saving my life right now, part 2.

Sometimes life feels a bit too much like survival mode.

I forget to put something in my calendar, and double-book myself, inevitably leaving one friend in the lurch. It makes me feel like all the I’m sorry’s in the world still don’t add up to much of an apology.

I leave the little dude in the kitchen for approximately 30 seconds, and this happens:


I giddily schedule five back-to-back speaking engagements, all in the same month, neglecting to realize that most of these involve new material. All my free time is then spent glued to the computer screen, fingers clicking, mind churning, husband left in the lurch.

When this happens, I acknowledge the crazy and I remind myself that this too shall pass. I say my apologies, and I make changes. I move on. But I also acknowledge all those little things – which really are the big things – that are saving my life.

If you’ve been with me, you may remember this prompt from last February. Referencing The BBT’s (Barbara Brown Taylor) Leaving Church, blogger Modern Mrs. Darcy writes the following:

Once when Taylor was invited to speak at a gathering, her host told her simply, “Tell us what is saving your life right now.” She says it’s too good a question not to revisit from time to time.

I couldn’t agree more. So, what is saving your life right now?

This is what’s saving mine:

1. Making dreams of Supper Club a reality. We did this a couple of times when we lived on the other side of the bay, but haven’t made it happen over here yet. But all that is about to change. Thank you, Jen Hatmaker, for reminding me to put good food and good people around the dinner table.

2. Sitting with this book – and a creamy cup o’ joe – for approximately eight minutes every morning.

3. PRESCHOOL. Need I say more?


4. Childcare at the gym, all day, e’ry day, y’all. Exercise is an added bonus.

5. Meal planning. Seriously, who knew that knowing what we were going to have for dinner on a random Wednesday night would save my life? But it works.

6. Upcoming trips planned: Oregon for a fall visit with the littles, Napa for an overnight with the honey, back to the Northwest for Christmas. Someone once told me that we should always have something on the calendar that makes us giddy and excited and anticipatory, in all the right ways. I couldn’t agree more.

7. Group texts spoken entirely in my love language, gif:


8. The fact that I actually have five back-to-back speaking engagements. This is where I feel most fully alive, most tuned in to the one I call Beauty – and I am honored and humbled and ecstatic when I get to prepare and present. Hear not a whine, but hear a delight-filled Yippee!!!

9. Getting to meet up with this old friend yesterday. We once survived Snow-pacalypse 2010 together …and the memories continue.

10. Dreams of this “second car” (zippy white man and towhead children not included):

Photo cred: Rolling Orange Bikes.
Photo cred: Rolling Orange Bikes.

Yup, that’s about it. We’re rolling and cruising through life, sometimes at breakneck speed, but always stopping to smell the roses and cuddle the babies. 

What say you?

xo, c.

Seriously now: I’d love to hear what’s saving your life right now. It really is too good a question not to revisit sometimes. 

7 thoughts on “what's saving my life right now, part 2.

  1. One thing that is keeping me going along smoothly is taking the time to get together with people when my natural inclination is to nest in solitude. So the occasional coffee or lunch with friends (including joining you and your littles at the rib joint near the courthouse, woo hoo!) has been a rejuvenator for me.

  2. Naptime!!! 🙂

    My oldest 2 are in school full-time, and my 3rd is in half-day 4K… the baby sleeps every afternoon from 1-3:00– I never thought I’d get to this place- ha!!!

    Love this post– thanks for sharing!

    1. Tiffany, i hear you on naptime. Even though our oldest isn’t napping anymore (and preschool’s in the morning), afternoon quiet time is still a must in our house.

  3. Wait, what’s the book you spend 8 minutes with over a cup of Joe? I clicked on the link and it didn’t tell me. :o) What’s saving my life right now…our 7 kids are in full swing of school, soccer, football basketball. In the 6 short hours they are in school I feel like I have just enough time provide for their basic needs, (food, clean clothes, at least an idea of the events in their lives, birthday parties, jog-a-thons, potlucks, “ah dang, was today “pajama day” for 4th grade, okay, I’ll run home and get your pajamas” )
    but saving my life would be… the discipline take care of MY body, mind, soul. Sometimes it’s getting up at 5:15am for a few moments of peace and 6 cups of coffee….sometimes it’s going to yoga or on a run….(yeah, maybe signing up for that half-marathon in 3 weeks was a little optimistic) sometimes it’s a nap….but it’s holding each day with open hands and an open mind and trying my best to hear and respond to any rescheduling he might have for me…..
    PS. I have not done a very good job getting my girl-time in….I miss you Cara!!

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