rituals: saturday morning breakfasts (kristin wolven).

Guest post Tuesday! Today’s post – and writer – will make you want to find your people on Saturday mornings. It’ll make you want to dirty pans with scrambled eggs and partake with glee of the slow, precise, perfect art of baking. Kristin is an old friend from camp, but I can picture her reading this story – so, enjoy her heart as you get to know her voice as well.

Long ago, I slipped into a ritual of daydreaming what it would be like to be married someday. This was the direct result of well-intended youth group sermons, and the promise I felt owed to me if I attended a Christian college. You can imagine my disappointment, when at the ripe age of 26 I was still not married.

Fortunately, my friend Emily called me one weekday afternoon while I was shopping and said, “Do you want to start a Bible study with me?” So we did. And it was great. A few years later, five of us from the group decided to become roommates. Because who wouldn’t want to rent their Orange County track home to five single girls? Did I mention we met in a Bible study?

We eagerly moved into a quaint, two story home in a neighborhood surrounded by green hills. Although there are many adjectives I could use to describe our time together, it’s just easiest to say it was fun. It was a ton of fun. Together we binged watched episodes of The Office, hosted parties, indulged in late night talks and early morning runs.

Sometime during our third year as roommates, we started having breakfast together on Saturday mornings. It wasn’t planned. It just happened.

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There were six of us in the house at the time. Gradually, we found ourselves spending Saturday mornings making Val’s scone recipe, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, or French toast. We would sit at the large kitchen table talking, laughing, and pouring cup after cup of coffee. Eventually, we’d glance at the clock and it would be noon.

It slowly became a tradition. One we still celebrate. Only Emily, Katie and I live in Pasadena now, but the habit remains.

The first roommate up on a Saturday morning pulls the coffee press out of the cupboard, grinds the beans, and boils water. I love waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee. Emily might whip up a delicious egg dish. Katie always pushes for pumpkin pancakes even when it’s 90 degrees outside. Since I’m not the most skilled cook, I tend to focus on making coffee. Then I usually end up standing at the sink, grabbing dirty dishes to wash as Emily and Katie cook and bake.

Although some of the roommates have gotten married, they still come back regularly for Saturday morning breakfasts. These mornings are sacred. We sit and we talk. We eat and we pray. We give thanks for the time we have together. We share our hearts and catch up.

These years I’ve spent with my roommates have been a profound blessing. This journey hasn’t looked quite like the daydreams of my youth. But walking alongside such strong, beautiful, wise, and compassionate women has been a gift.

Community should be a ritual everyone gets to enjoy. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of being human.

It’s been six years. Six years of Saturday morning breakfasts. A tradition that I’m sure we’ll be preserving for the rest of our lives. Because these are lifelong friendships. This will be a lifelong ritual.

IMG_1385Kristin Wolven lives in Pasadena, CA where she spends her days as an associate producer and studio teacher for  television. She loves coffee, writing, singing in the car, and living life with her roommates. Kristin’s blog, “In the Meantime,” is currently under construction, but look for its rebirth in 2016. It’s Cara again, and I’d love to stay and chat, but I must make my way to the kitchen and whip up a batch of scones. Mmm. Didn’t Kristin’s words make you hungry for every beautiful part of Saturday mornings? Leave her some love below!

4 thoughts on “rituals: saturday morning breakfasts (kristin wolven).

  1. Love reading your words, Kristin! My, how I can relate to the daydreams of years ago and being in a completely different place now. A different place than I had imagined, but great nonetheless.

  2. Even as an old man who has been married for almost 47 years, I enjoyed reading Kristin’s post. I may be biased, but my wife and I have been friends with Kristin and her family for many years. She painted a beautiful word picture of some of the many breakfasts my wife has made for our family and me over the years. Last week, we had a young friend from our church over, and Diane made a special breakfast of a scrumptious egg dish, a equally delicious potato dish, topped off with cinnamon rolls served with coffee to drink. The smell that permeated the house was wonderful. Thank you Kristin for writing this little article.

  3. Hi Kristin! Very fun reading your post. As a single lady myself, I know how important these community rituals are. And it was great to reconnect with you via Cara. All the Best, Your fellow former Red Hat, Sarah Powell

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