what i'm into :: june & july 2015.

Oh friends, I know. Once upon a time I was so very good at highlighting what I did every month, but it looks like every other month will be the new regime. And this is perfectly, most wonderfully okay because it means that we’ve been living life to the FULLEST. So, a very small recap of the past two months!

We had professional pictures taken …with our three-year-old sporting these amazing swim trunks:


We made jam. Like, bonafide, homemade, hot and steamy jam over the kitchen stove one June afternoon.


I got real brave and put on my Big Girl Panties to take the boys to the Warriors parade:


And this girl moved to the next town over:


I also read a few books, including these favorites:

The Geography of You and Me (Smith), 4/5 – A perfectly fun YA summer read, chalk-full of just enough angsty teenage romance.

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome (Riley), 5/5 – Y’ALL. I LOVE THIS BOOK, so much so that I WILL CONTINUE TO USE ALL-CAPS TO LET EVERYONE KNOW. A memoirist, author Reba Riley is hilarious and knows how to tell a good story. The book comes out on August 18th, so if spiritual memoirs are your thing, head to Amazon stat.

I Told My Soul to Sing (LeMay), 4/5 – Okay, so you know I have a thing for spiritual memoirs [um, hello current manuscript] – so if the aforementioned + a good dose of Emily Dickinson floats your literary boat, check out Kristin LeMay’s book.

The Year of Reading Dangerously (Miller), 4/5 – I know, why read a book about reading books when you can just, uh, read the book(s)? But I love Andy Miller’s snarky British humor, and subsequently, his journey through a handful of books. [Note: he does not go through all of them.]

The School of Essential Ingredients (Bauermeister), 5/5 – Ugh. Just lovely. Effervescent prose meets super yummy food …if only there were recipes!

Mr. Kiss and Tell (Thomas), 4/5 – The Veronica Mars series is just plain fun; while I still haven’t checked out the actual television program, I’m loving the books!

11/22/63 (King), 4/5 – True confessions: I’ve always judged a book by its cover, and the cover I’m talking about is Stephen King. And now I know why his writing is so prolific.

You Are One of Them (Holt), 4/5 – Super interesting. That’s all I have to say. Okay, maybe not: Cold War Russia meets the 80’s meets a quasi mystery. Like I said, nothing short of interesting.

Teach Us to Want (Michel), 4/5 – Jen is a friend of mine through the Redbud Writers Guild, and there’s a reason why her book won Christianity Today’s book of the year. Check it out!

Go Tell It on the Mountain (Baldwin), 4/5 – Like King, while I carried my own opinions about James Baldwin, I’d never actually read any of his writings at length. My conclusion? Hard but good.

Also read: Fly Away Home; Rock-Bottom Blessings; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Dharma Bums; On Chesil Beach; Falling Together; Babyproofing Your Marriage; Longing for Paris.

Currently reading: Go Set a Watchman; The Cultivated Life; Jacob Have I Loved; Three Daughters; Sailing Alone Around the Room

If you’d like to unite as book nerd friends, forever and ever, amen, then let’s be friends on Goodreads!

Otherwise, here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to: 

We flew to Idaho to visit family and friends, and drank chocolate milk with real potato flakes in it from this place. Um, do they deliver to the greater Bay Area?



We consider ourselves lucky to live in a place that beckons visitors come our way – most of whom I didn’t even get pictures of, let alone with (which I usually take to be a pretty good, embraced-the-moment proof of visit).

But I did get to see and meet this writerly friend of the heart:


Otherwise, this almost-one-year-old got all he wanted for Christmas in July:


And this little dude started school…


on his third birthday!


Finally, I received the gift of gifts in a weekend away, all by my lonesome, so I might sit with my words:


We’ve entertained, a lot. We’ve hosted and we’ve grilled, a lot. We’ve been knee-deep in conversation and we’ve gone on lots of little adventures around the neighborhood, a lot. We’ve leaned into love and into life the best we can, which I think, is the best we can do. At the end of August our little family of four will head out for a real vacation, but in the meantime, we’re embracing summer for all it’s worth.

What about you?

xo, c.

So, what have you been into the past couple months? What have you read and eaten and watched? Who have you seen and who have you hosted? Share some stories!

9 thoughts on “what i'm into :: june & july 2015.

  1. Hi! I’m stopping by from Leigh’s linkup 🙂 Some of my friends braved the Warriors parade too. I, however, don’t have a head for sports and get laughed at for mixing up teams and the sports they play. No need for big girl panties though!

    1. Hi Angela! I’m not a huge sports fan either, so I hear you. But I did jump on board the last month or two of the play-offs, as we do live in their hometown after all. Nice “meeting” you!

  2. You were in idaho?!? 🙂 i had no idea real potato flakes were a thing, but maybe I just seem them in the store and don’t even realize it? Loved your update and friended you on goodreads. Sounds like we have similar problems with bookishness 🙂

  3. Once my stuff gets here, I’ll lend you Bauermeister’s follow-up to The School of Essential Ingredients. I love her books! Thanks again for the burrito greeting and all the California hospitality. 🙂

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