an introduction to Whole Mama – join us!

Well friends, it’s not every day that you get two posts in your inbox from me, so consider this your lucky day!  Now first, if you haven’t already noticed, summer has begun to hit much of the North American continent (excluding, of course, Forks, WA and its resident sparkly vampires). If you’re anything like me, that shiny ball in the sky comes out to play and the last thing I want to do is feel holed up behind a computer screen.

Instead, I want to read, outside in the backyard, toes tickling the grass.

Flickr Creative Commons: Florin Gorgan
Flickr Creative Commons: Florin Gorgan

I want to hike and go for long walks and float endlessly in bodies of water.

I want to eat every meal courtesy of the BBQ, and afterwards I want berries and vanilla ice cream to trickle down my throat.

And I want to play. I want to play well, with my boys and with my husband, with my friends and with whoever else comes across our path.

I want to rest and I want to vacation.  I want the space to sift through the condensed jumble of words that often gets tangled in my mind, September through May.

Often times, that means that I ease myself off of the pressure to produce, especially when it comes to the blog. I mean, I love y’all and I love the be, mama. be community, but I love the summer season more. And I make no apologies for it!

But there’s something else summertime produces that no other season seems to give me: wholeness. So when my friend Esther invited me to be a part of a summer project called Whole Mama, I was intrigued. Many of us find ourselves at an intersection of motherhood + creativity + spirituality …so, what would it look like for a little online tribe of you and me, and her and her and her, to band together and to encourage one another to be our most whole selves? 

It’s going to look different for each one of us, but all pressure aside from just another task of doing, it’s going to look good.

And I’d love for you to join us.

Starting next week, every Monday a new weekly theme you can write on and about will be given. If you have a published blog, consider writing on it there (and then joining in with the bigger link-up on Esther’s blog).

You can join the #wholemama movement on Instagram by posting a picture of YOU – beautiful, whole YOU – and finishing the sentence, “I need #wholemama because…” Also, use the hashtag and you’ll be entered to win a stack of summer reading yumminess.

And because we want to walk alongside one another, encouraging and empowering each other to be our most whole selves, you can join us every Monday for a Twitter party or for a Fuze call. The possibilities are endless, I’m telling you.

Finally, let me introduce you to the community of women behind this movement. This is Erika, and even though I’ve never met her face to face, I can tell she’s just as sweet as she sounds:

Y’all, say something nice to her in the comments because it takes BRAVERY to speak your words on camera.  After you’ve heard from Erika, you can head on over to Sarah’s blog and watch my video …in which you’ll hear about my over-the-top love for teething necklaces AND my need for #wholemama.

So, will you join us?

It’s bound to be a most whole summer.

What about you? What gives you life in the summer? How do you yearn to be made WHOLE this summer? 

4 thoughts on “an introduction to Whole Mama – join us!

  1. Cara, I love this! It’s so encouraging and affirming. Yes. Let’s be our most whole selves. Together.

    Erika, you are a delight. I’m excited to see how God will work (outside the box!) this summer. 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m getting more and more excited with every post and email. In this with you, friend!

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician.


    1. Oh, thank you, my friend. I feel the same way: I’m glad this project has me reading your stuff as well!

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician.


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