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We drove up Great Highway on Sunday morning, sideways rain streaming down our windows, across the hood of the car, pelting the roof.  Parking on 35th Avenue was a beast, not so much driven by lack of space to park within a block or two, but by toddler and baby, diaper bag, purse, car seat and the moon-shaped umbrella we hoped would cover us all.

But sometimes you just do what you have to do.

Arms heavy with baby and bags, my head tilted upward, neck falling into its cozy base. Eyes closed, almost by automated force, and rain trailed down my face like tears. I let the water wash over my outsides, soothing and calming and healing the tension that had gripped me mere minutes before.

And then I stopped, breathing in the smells of the storm, the grass and the pavement and the way the city smells when it’s getting a bath.

Before we knew it we were inside, shedding layers, hugging our people. Together, we looked like a mass of drowned rats, (all deathly idioms aside), huddling, squeaking, squirming, into each other’s business. So we burrowed into one another, as we should, as are called to do when Love is part of the equation.

There was a buzz in the air, because that particular day at house church we weren’t necessarily singing songs, and we weren’t listening and learning and discussing in our already non-traditional, traditional sense. But we were gleaning wisdom from a woman who taught us more about ourselves through the Enneagram.

In the Enneagram, there are nine personality types, all of which are interconnected and can be examined through a Christian lens. I am a Seven, “The Enthusiast” and the joyful one. I am the playful and spirited individual who can often become unbridled in her enthusiasm, over extending myself, becoming undisciplined at my worst. My husband is a Five, “The Investigator” and the wise one. He is an insightful and curious thinker, one who thrives with alone time, but can become detached and intense in unhealthy situations.

…y’all, you KNOW the story’s only just begun. Want to read more? Click here to read the rest of the post, featured yesterday on my friend Julie Holly’s blog, Peacequility.  Otherwise, what number are you on the Enneagram?  And how has it helped you learn and grow more into your true self?

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