how blogging has made me a better writer.

The Gift of Writing

I never set out to be a blogger.

In fact, were you to ask me over steaming cup of tea if I’m a blogger, I’d probably hem and haw, unable to answer a simple yes to your even simpler question.

I’m a blogger who writes, I’d probably say to you.

When I first left the traditional workforce to pursue a career in writing and speaking, I held the belief that bloggers weren’t real writers. Bloggers were in a camp all their own—quickly, sloppily pushing out information; competing for clicks and tweets and reposts; attending blogging conferences instead of writing conferences, learning how to Get More, Be More and Achieve More in the online world.

Blogging, I believed, wasn’t about the art. It was about pushing sloppy mimicry into the world. It was the opposite of creating, far from what I saw myself doing and achieving and being as a writer.

But things have come a long way in the online world and no matter what we call ourselves, blogging is part of being a writer. Blogging is writing. And as I look back on my relationship with blogging I can honestly say that it has made me a better writer. Here’s what blogging has taught me:

1. Consistency is key. 

Writing is a daily exercise. I can’t expect to magically be able to play Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” if I haven’t sat down on a piano bench in years. Likewise, an intrinsic motivation exists in blogging, knowing that a small pack of people wait to read my words. But it’s not just consistency in frequency that matters – it’s consistency in voice and in caliber.

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Otherwise, if you’re a writer-blogger, what have you learned along the way?  More importantly, is there a difference between writing and blogging?  Are we all the same species?  Am I one of ….them?!

6 thoughts on “how blogging has made me a better writer.

  1. Thank you for this Cara. Your words continue to hit a cord with me. Particularly the lines about how it feels to put your words out there, to put your whole heart out – it feels just like standing naked in a crowd while folks are free to pick and point and criticize. I think, for me, that might be one of the scariest parts. And in the same breath, one of the best parts. Because for someone who craves affirmation, being liked & winning folks stamp of approval – I need to learn to let go. Blogging is new for me but has quickly become my brave, my freedom, one of my most favorite adventures of stepping out in faith and giving it all you’ve got. I really take your lessons to heart! Keep writing:) And thank you xoxo

    1. Oh, thanks for your encouragement, Maeve. Putting ourselves out there IS one of the scariest parts, yet that real self is the one that’s ultimately going to “win” people over. I find that people aren’t drawn to the me I think I’m supposed to be online, but to who I really aim, even if it’s scary to hit “publish.”

  2. “I’ve had publishers contact me” – Hasn’t happened to me in almost three years of blogging. I must not be doing it right. 😉

    That said, I completely agree with all 7 points, Cara. Well put.

    1. Oh friend, tsk tsk tsk, you are SO doing things right! 😉 And even if publishers have contacted me, it doesn’t mean anything’s actually happened or gone thru. 🙂

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