writing is the healing place and space.


I stare at her text, eyes filling with tears.

“Writing is the work for you and me,” she writes. “That is the healing place and space.”

I nod my head affirmatively, because she understands, she gets me. She too is a flinger of words, one who thinks and processes best through the medium of writing.

Oftentimes, I won’t know what I really think about something until I give my fingers permission to roam free over the keyboard. Because when The Itch begins, a wiggly, unsettling feeling far beyond explanation’s grasp births within me, I need to write. I must write. It is imperative that I seat myself in front of my laptop so I can be alone with my words. I do this so I can understand what’s behind my anger and my frustration, my short fuse and my impatience.

But it’s work. This work that happens in you and me is workin and of itself.

When it’s time to do the work, my fingers salivate over the keys, desperate for action. Oftentimes, I’ll start with a bang, fingers pummelling and pounding the keys, startled into motion by the starting pistol in my head. Go. Write. Just get something out there. And this is good, because initial words and thoughts and feelings have a way of making their home on my page.

But it’s also merely the beginning of the race. And if wholeness is what I seek, then the act of writing is a rather slow-going process for me.

After a paragraph or two, I’ll go back to those initial thoughts and begin picking apart phrases, comma by comma, word by word. Because, generally speaking, those first words barely scrape the surface of what’s hiding underneath. They oftentimes represent a deeper truth that hasn’t quite been discovered, an unknown understanding that needs permission fly free.

Eventually, The Hover begins.

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