You matter, you matter, you matter (& a giveaway).

Dear friend,

I’ve been wanting to tell you this for awhile.  Perhaps I haven’t done the subject matter justice.  Perhaps I should have shown up on your doorstep with a poster board covered in bubble letters and colored with Magic Markers and adorned with stickers, and waved it over my head like John Cusack and his boom box in Say Anything.  Perhaps I should have made this the message, weekly, here on the blog, or at least sent you a text so that you’d know I was 100%, cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-serious about these words.


But I didn’t, so you’ll hear it now:

You matter.  Your time matters.  Who you are and what gives you life matters.  And you are so uniquely made, so specifically created, so wonderfully pieced together in your quirky, wacky ways, that there is no one else like you.

So, make time for yourself.  Make yourself a priority.  Make your free time, those fringe hours every single one of us has in our days, a priority.  Because making time for yourself makes a healthier, happier you, and it makes for healthier, happier relationships for those around you.

Now, let me say this: I’m mostly saying this to my Lady Friends.  Man-Friends, I mean not to exclude you, and you’re welcome to keep reading, but being on the woman side of the equation, I can’t speak for your kind, at least not today.  But, you too are human.  And you too absolutely, positively matter – as does your time and your resources and your relationships, and every other fill-in-the-blank you want to tack on here.  But I think sometimes we females, whether we’re singled or married, mothers or give-’em-back aunties, working inside the home or making ends meet outside the home, tend to lose sight of ourselves.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder and extra push just a little bit more to make time for us.

So, point A: You matter.  Believe it.  Receive it.

Point B: Do something about it.  Now if you’re a reader, as you know I am and as I know many of you are, you can start by reading Jessica N. Turner’s new book, The Fringe Hours.  Because this is not a book about adding more to your plate – doing more and being more and adding more more-more-more into your life – but this is about making time for yourself.  Because (point A), you matter.

Not fully convinced of Jessica’s book?  Take a look at three of my favorite quotes…

“Stop trying to be everything for everyone and start investing in who and what really matters.”

“Just because something is a good thing doesn’t mean it is good for this moment in your life.This truth has taken a long time for me to accept.  But the more I embrace it, the better my life is.”

“You have to figure out in the context of your own priorities what’s important and give yourself to those, because most of us are overrun with the urgent.  So we sacrifice the important on the altar of the urgent, and we never get to those things that really matter.”

As you read the book, you’ll be able to pinpoint what gives you life in those fringe hours – and, quite honestly, what doesn’t give you life.  Jessica encourages her reader to choose three things – just three things – that fill you up, and to continue to hone in on those things.

For me, my list narrowed down to these three items: cooking, reading and exercising.  [I’ll also add writing and watching melodramatic episodes of Parenthood onto the list, but for our purposes I’ll stick with the first three.]  So, I’m making an effort to hone in on those life-giving items.  I don’t cook every day, but when I do, I like to get my hands dirty, experimenting and churning love into each bite.  When I’m holed up with a good book, Life Returns.  And when I get an hour at the gym – children in childcare, water in hand – I am set to make it through the rest of the day.

So, friend, whether you read her book or not, make time for yourself.  You matter and your time matters, and as a self-declared Advocate for Mattering, you matter, you matter, you matter.

Love and a smattering of mattering kisses,

Cara “I matter too!” Meredith

UnknownAnd now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: leave a comment, win a copy.  ACTUALLY, win one of two copies of the book (sponsored by Jessica’s release team).  Giveaway closes Friday, 2/27 at noon.  If you don’t want to win a copy, you can still leave a comment and state otherwise.  Because, you matter, you matter, you matter!  Amen.  Otherwise, I’m curious: What three things give you life in your fringe hours?  

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30 thoughts on “You matter, you matter, you matter (& a giveaway).

  1. Yes yes yes! I am embracing this philosophy whole heartedly these days. See my latest blog post (or should I say my last blog post?) for more.

  2. Where, oh where, were your blogs when I was your young Mom, Sweetie! It appeared in the ‘Leave It to Beaver’ and ‘Father Knows Best’ sitcoms, that the ‘moms’ doted and served their families, with nothing but smiles and clean aprons for chores….unfortunately that was a poor example to follow, but I knew no other. You and your Sis are doing far better!!

  3. Cara, great post. Love that quote!

    For me, the three things would be: getting outside (specifically going for walks where there are lots of beautiful trees and you can hear the birds), dates with my husband, and reading things just fun (sometimes I get really caught up in what I “need to” or “ought to” read).

    If I could add more to the list, writing and yoga and cooking would all fight for fourth place.

  4. Cara, I love and appreciate your blog so much. I read every post as it arrives in my inbox, and it’s so often a centering exercise for me.
    Thanks for the book recommendations – just added this one to my Amazon wish list.

  5. I’ve heard a lot about this book, and as someone who is trying to radically choose myself this year, I’m really curious to read it!
    Thanks for hosting this, and for reminding me that I matter. We need to do that for each other.

  6. Love this post!! Thanks for the book, friend. I have avoided it like the plague, because I know how much truth I will find in it, especially in this season, and I know how much it can make life better, and yet, I am scared it will force me to have to think about things like, “saying no” and “not sitting doing nothing while waiting”. However, I am all fired up for the online book club, and chapter 1 is due next week, and I WILL be fully ready to participate over at the Bloom Book Club on Incourage, since it is their final stint together (sad!) so thanks for starting off my reading with such a beautiful presence.

    1. You’re welcome (for the book). It really is good, and I sent it to you more so out of Bloom potential than feeling like you really NEEDED to read it. Promise. xo.

    1. New friend, while you didn’t win this round, it’s a great read, and I’m giving away another book (Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe) later this week. Also great.:)

  7. I’m with you on the exercising and the reading. I think a third thing for me would be self-pampering – painting my nails or something as simple as taking some time to put lotion on my poor winter skin.

    Thanks for a good reminder and the giveaway!!

    1. Lindsey, I join you in the self-pampering. I can’t tell you HOW excited I get about free samples from Sephora. 🙂 While you didn’t win this book, I’m giving away a couple copies of another great book later this week!

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