what's saving my life right now.

If you’ve been tracking with me for any length of time, you know the love affair that’s begun with BBT (or Barbara Brown Taylor, for those of you who prefer names in whole), how I salivate over her writing.  She was my author of the year in 2014, although I don’t think I’ll be letting her books go any time soon.  Well, the other day, popular blogger Modern Mrs. Darcy wrote about what’s saving her life, referencing a story from Leaving Church.

She (MMD) writes this:

Once when Taylor was invited to speak at a gathering, her host told her simply, “Tell us what is saving your life right now.” She says it’s too good a question not to revisit from time to time.

I couldn’t agree more.  Besides that speaking prompt being dreamier than dreamy to someone like me, I appreciate the way MMD invites her readers in and asks them to do the same.

So, what is saving your life right now?

1.  Going to the gym.  Let me rephrase: taking advantage of childcare at the gym so I can get 45 minutes of Elliptical-filled alone time.

2.  Early mornings with this book, although I’m also excited to dive into one of the last books published before his recent death.

3.  This brilliant machine:


Seriously y’all, tonite’s dinner is brought to you by a can of Rotel tomatoes, a jar of Trader Joe’s Cowboy Caviar, a handful of spices and a couple of chicken breasts.  We’ll see how it dishes out over a plate of tacos!

4.  Our tried and true Nespresso machine.  Because, obviously.

5.  The television show that should come complete with its own box of Kleenex:


6.  This quote from Erin Lane’s new book (read it! read it!), and My People associated with it:

‘Professor Rebecca Adams was quoted in a New York Times article called “Friends of a Certain Age” explaining that the three conditions for adult friendships are “proximity; repeated, unplanned interactions; and a setting that encourages people to let their guard down and confide in each other.’

7.  A year-long membership to the San Francisco zoo.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  

8. Half an avocado + lime juice + a pinch of salt = heaven in a spoon.

9.  Group texts with Mama and Sister, All Serious, All the Time:


That’s about it.  What about you?  What’s saving your life this winter?  

13 thoughts on “what's saving my life right now.

  1. We went to the SF Zoo so many times I lost count. Then again, our house in Sharp Park was about 10 minutes from the zoo entrance and it was dirt cheap back in those days, so it made complete sense for my folks to see it as the go-to place for a family with four kids (especially when entertaining family and friends from out of town).

    1. Tim, I refrained from getting a membership for quite a while because of the cost ($125/year, I believe) – but considering we now go weekly, it’s WELL worth it. I now feel like I’m taking advantage of the place!

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

      1. Occasionally I am a bit too serious in our conversations
        until brought gently back to earth…or back on track….whatever. My joy is growing and sharing with “my Girls”, learning what incredible, insightful, delicate women they are with situations and feelings that I have experienced at one time or another…..now as young mothers as I once was.
        I am soooo blest!!!

  2. I LOVE my Crock-Pot. The husband and I got married a little over a year ago, and we were given four as wedding gifts. So I’ve enjoyed giving them away to friends. And, of course, using my own. It makes amazing dinners and it makes them amazingly easy.

    I’ve thought about picking up Leaving Church but hadn’t gotten around to it — partly because there are so many other things on the to-read list and partly because I didn’t know how much I really wanted to prioritize it. I think I’ll have to move it up on the list! The title really caught my eye at first, but I didn’t know anything about the author. What is Leaving Church like as a book?

    I think the things that are saving my life the most right now are yoga (those 30 minute of relaxation at the end of the day are so helpful, so important for me right now), Anne Lamott’s beautiful little book Small Victories: Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace (she’s my favorite author — and this might be my favorite book by her), and school (due to health issues I’d had to leave college so now, at 27, I’ve returned to finish the last two years of my Cultural Studies BA and it’s so good to be back).

    Love the idea of a “What’s Saving My Life” post. I might do that, even if it’s just for myself. I tend to get really bad seasonal depression during this time of year, so focusing on some positives might be really good for me.

    1. Kelsey, thank you for your thoughts – it’s great getting to know you! If you like Anne Lamott, you’ll love BBT. They’re both two of my favorite authors. Leaving Church is about her experience in leaving full-time parish ministry, and her journey in finding her place in faith afterwards. It’s beautifully refreshing if you ask me. And yes, I think the idea of “What’s Saving my Life” in the middle of winter is right on time. You are not alone. xo.

      1. Saying that Anne Lamott is one of your favorite authors makes me want to pick up Leaving Church even more, haha. I have an little leftover on an Amazon gift cart; I might use it on that. I’m almost done with Anne Lamott’s “Small Victories” so I’ll need something else. 🙂

  3. Hi Cara, I am really enjoying your blog, which I just discovered via The Gift of Writing guest post (which I loved). Reading this post makes me think I need more things to save my life right now 🙂 I’d say my rice cooker definitely does (!) since as gluten free people, we eat rice A LOT. I wish the gym were saving my life, but I’d have to join one first, ha! My other favorite kitchen appliance right now is my Vitamix (gift from my father) which I use to make green smoothies that keep me filled with veggies when I don’t have time to make or eat salads. Hmm, what else? How about preschool two mornings a week so I can have uninterrupted writing time, that is DEF saving me!

    1. Oh Dana, in this with you. I am eager for preschool to start in the fall, even if it’s only for two mornings a week …because I think it’s going to be pretty healthy for both of us.

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