a friday quote (3).

Why is it that Friday rolls around, and JUST LIKE THAT,  I want to get my Rebecca Black on because we gotta get down on Friday.  (Repeating this one line of her lyrics is never going to get old, now is it?)

But I digress, as per the usual.

It’s Friday, which means that a quote is in store for you.  This one comes from one of my favorite friends in these here internet portals, Tim Fall.  Tim is an encourager and a thinker, a deeply devoted and wit-filled story teller whose words always seem to strike a sage note within me.  So it’s no surprise that the quote he leaves has me mulling and thinking and chewing over the most simple and profound of statements.

From G.K. Chesterton’s Heretics: 

Flickr Creative Commons: Geraint Rowland
Flickr Creative Commons: Geraint Rowland

Happy Friday!

So, what does Tim’s quote – well, GK’s quote, if we’re going to be technical about it – mean to you?  Is TRUTH stranger than fiction?  And if you have a quote you’d like featured on a Friday, leave it below!

2 thoughts on “a friday quote (3).

  1. I’m so glad you liked that quote, Cara. Chesterton is certainly saying that truth is stranger than fiction, but his reason for it is something I’d not thought of before. All our fiction is based on something the writer understands, but reality can be in the realm of something not fully understood. That blew my mind.

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