the 10.5 most memorable posts of 2014.

I have begun to emerge from the Christmas fog.

Yesterday Cancan and I dragged a sad and brittle Douglas fir around the corner to the parking lot, mopping the living room floor soon thereafter.  Because really, how do you lift an evergreen out of its stand with a two-year-old as your Great Assistant?  Back to Point A: You don’t.  You instead blast “Just Another Manic Monday” on your 1989 Sony boombox, and you get clean floors as a bonus.  Viola! 

So while we continue to hunker down here for a few more days, cleaning the closets and finding more pine needles and taking copious notes on Really Important Books, take a look back on the year’s most popular writing posts.

Oh, and enjoy!

10.  Our 100%, completely true Christmas letter (which, I might say, I had so much fun writing).

9.  These two posts on faith, on the gray and the desert, seemed to resonate with a lot of folks.

8. That time I locked my keys, my purse and my KID in the car.

img_15487.  One of my favorites, by far: that time I asked my female cousin if she took her male fiance to be her lawfully wedded wife.  It happens.  

6.  When my obsession with Downton Abbey led to Ten Slightly Sarcastic Gifts for the Downton Lover.

5.  You know, a pregnancy announcement: (and, of course, the birth announcement was quite popular too).

Fresh plucking.
Fresh plucking.

4.  And here’s one that I’ll never quite understand, but I will tell you this: if you ever want TONS OF HITS tag your piece with “turkey sex.”

3.  A discussion on race, about how I do see color, along with one of my favorite books of 2014.

2. That time I ran into a stranger at the park and she broke every “what not to say to a pregnant lady” rule.

470233447_48a7e123ed1.5 And oh yes, the time I realized the HBH doesn’t want me cheering on The Football alongside him.  Such a shame!

And the #1 post on this ol’ blog for 2014? 

1.  Bringing sexy back!  I ain’t no Justin Timberlake, but I sure do like to get my read on (so hence, my top 20 books of 2013).  Don’t you worry: 2014’s list will be up on Friday, so come on back!


And that, my friends, is a recap of the last year.

To see what I’m reading, let’s become book nerds on Goodreads together.  To see pictures of daily life and the cute little munchkins I call Mine! Mine! Mine! follow me on Instagram. 

Otherwise, as per the usual, I’m kind of-sorta-maybe linking up with the Lovely Leigh for her monthly recap.  Join us!  But for you, what memorable posts do you remember from this past year? 

6 thoughts on “the 10.5 most memorable posts of 2014.

  1. First time visitor via Leigh Kramer. You have a lovely – and funny! – blog. And that picture up there with the fireman (?) and your sad child should some sort of award. Look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  2. I have really loved reading all the different takes on your “little things” theme this year. And locking your kid in the car? That’s pretty much my nightmare. Amazed it hasn’t happened yet!

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