what i'm into :: october 2014.

We continue to settle into life with two littles …and oh, the full, crazy, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed life it is.  We’ve been to the zoo about a million times, and we’ve relished quality time with friends, and we’ve eaten more than our share of yummy meals.  But mostly, we just stare into the wonder that is our newly-smiling Baby Brother: 

I believe the word for this is ...smitten.
I believe the word for this is …smitten.

So as I link up with the lovely Leigh for this month’s “What I’m Into,” be sure to tell me what YOU’VE been into in the comments below!  

I’ve read some books this month… 

Crossing to Safety (Stegner, 5/5) – This book, about a four-way relationship between two couples over the course of time, was absolutely lovely to me.  Maybe because I yearn for this for the HBH and me, or maybe because I’m drawn to Stegner’s vivid descriptions of the little details.  Either way, I think it’s a bit like Annie Dillard: you either love or hate the woman’s writing.

A Christian Survival Guide (Cyzewski, 4/5) – Ed knows his stuff, and he’s got some of the best sarcasm-filled one liners ever.  I’d recommend this to those exploring the Christian faith, interested in a basic seminary understanding.

The Hardest Peace (Tippetts, 2/5) – Not my favorite, for a variety of reasons that I’m not going to go into here, but you can still win a copy through Friday!  (WORST PROMOTION EVER, I know).  

Not That Kind of Girl (Dunham, 3/5) – I admire and respect Lena Dunham, even if her book wasn’t my favorite thing ever.  Her voice is unapologetically hers, though, and that I’ll strive after myself.

On What Grounds (Coyle, 3/5) – Because sometimes you just need a slightly cheesy, java-filled mystery read.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home (Brunt, 5/5) – YES!  Lovely, haunting and beautifully written, this was hands-down my favorite read of October.  I highly recommend if you’re into YA lit.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Capote, 4/5) – I’d seen the movie, but I hadn’t read the book – and since it was the 99-cent Daily Deal on Audible, I went for it.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Smith, 4/5) – I read this book a number of years ago, but didn’t remember it enough to actually discuss it in the Sassy Ladies Book Club.  So, I read it again, and while Smith’s style isn’t my favorite, her content is right up my boat.  Because life is all about finding Beauty in the most unlikely of places. 

And I’m currently reading: 

Lila; Outlander; Jane Eyre; Light Upon Light; How Language Works; The Enneagram.  Also, are we friends on Goodreads yet?  Hit me up!  


I’m staring at the boob tube…

and quickly becoming besties with Lorelei and Rory (on Gilmore Girls), given our three am hang out times when Baby Brother gets hungry.  How did I happen to miss this show fifteen years ago?  Be still my late 90’s heart.  Otherwise, besides getting the daily dose of Curious George and Thomas the Train, the HBH (Hot Black Husband) and I found time to watch The World Series, Blackish, How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal.  

And I’m giggling heartily at… 

(Our beloved Neighbor Mark has consistently thrown his name ideas into the hat for our kids: Eva Destructshun.  Anita Zaminashun.  Sharon Needles.  Although he’s never actually won a bid, when he sent me this video, I DIED).

I’m consuming calories…

and friends, stop the presses because I actually started meal planning.  Like, once a week, I sit down and look through our refrigerator and cupboards, and actually plan out what we’re going to eat for dinner the coming week.  And it means we’re eating things like this:

One of the favorite new meals.
One of the favorite new meals.

And I’m starting to write again…

I’ve taken a self-imposed maternity leave and therefore a writing moratorium the past two months, but I’m starting to get itchy for WORDS!  On the blog, “how i read,” “to not produce,” “the 2 am boob tube,” and my post for BBT’s An Altar in the World got a bit of traction on She Loves.  Otherwise, I have three speaking engagements in November, so I’m in the midst of sermon prep now – go go go!

Finally, lest you think I’ve forgotten the cuteness of my first-born, let it be known: he’s a darling, still.  Mostly.  Especially during nap time.  Did I just say that out loud?

FullSizeRender 2

Livin’ la vida loca, I tell you. But in the meantime, what have YOU been into? What have you read and eaten and watched this past month? What’s made you laugh and giggle and snort with glee? Do tell!

21 thoughts on “what i'm into :: october 2014.

  1. I’ve been into reading Karen Swallow Prior’s new biography of Hannah More, the 17th-18th century abolitionist and reformer who worked with William Wilberforce and others to end slavery in England. The publisher sent me an advance copy so I got to read it and post a review on my blog before the book’s official release this past Tuesday.

    1. Tim, I’ve yet to read anything by her even though I really, really want to …but way to score an advance copy! Are you on different ARC lists? How’d you get on them? Happy Halloween!

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

      1. How did I get it? I told Karen a couple months ago I was looking forward to her new book, she said she’d have the publisher send me an advance copy. I told her I would just buy one, and she said no problem and no pressure to write a review favorable or otherwise. When I reviewed her memoir (Booked: Literature in the soul of Me) a couple years ago I bought it and then reviewed it.

        Prior’s not a bad egg.

    1. I am so so so jealous of your current reading selection …I love what I’m reading but there’s always more! (And this remains one of Life’s greatest problems;)

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

  2. I’m here for the link up!

    I’ve been thinking that I should read “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and I LOVED A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Her writing style is definitely interesting, but the book is one you don’t forget! 🙂

    Meal planning is really nice!!! I always let it go during the summer because I never know when we’ll all be home to eat. I’ve been getting back into it slowly since September and October went really well! That dish that you shared looks really yummy!

    I hope you get time to write soon!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria – I look forward to going to your blog in just a little bit. Who knew I’d love meal planning so much …it definitely makes me feel like Susie Homemaker, which I still cringe at. But the steak wraps – AMAZING. Have fun with your reading!

  3. Link up Love here! Great to see Tim in the comments (fellow Twitter friend). I just got Tell the Wolves I’m Home as a gift – can’t wait to dive in (but my Good Wife obsession is slowing me down). Meal planning is so awesome – I am even in a group of 5 where one of us posts 3 recipes/groceries lists a week and then we always have something to go to. It has been super helpful!

    1. Jane, I LOVE the love for meal planning! I’d also like to find some friends who’d be up for meal swaps, like we each take one meal a month and double/triple up then share. Is that a thing anywhere but my head? Enjoy Tell the Wolves… – I loved it. Obviously. And yes, CHEERS to Tim Fall, friend to many!

  4. Tell the Wolves I’m Home is on my To Read list but I didn’t realize it was YA. That’s not a knock against it- I was just surprised! I’m really happy you’re reading Outlander. Another convert! I’m also thrilled you’re watching Gilmore Girls. I can watch any episode any time and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time, if not more.

    1. You know, I don’t know if Tell the Wolves… is technically YA, but it stars an adolescent main character, and according to booky definitions, that’s technically YA. Could it be YA geared toward an adult audience? Hmmm.

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

  5. YUM! Those steak rolls look awesome… and totally different than what I normally make, which is great since I’m feeling in a cooking rut lately. I still haven’t watched Gilmore Girls (I missed it too — weird) and I’m kinda bummed that I can’t seem to find the free time to watch it.
    I liked Crossing to Safety too, but *man* did it take a long time to get going. I was SOOOOO bored for the first 75 pages, at least. Such an interesting study of marriage and friendships. Do you have any couple friends you’re that close with? We don’t.

    1. The steak rolls were lovely and healthy and good. Very Californian if you ask me. 🙂 I wouldn’t be watching GG if it weren’t for 4 am feedings, that’s for sure! Oh, and Crossing to Safety: I too thought the beginning was slow, as so many books are …but I think that idyllic picture of a relationship between the four made me LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We have one couple friend like that, but they live in Oregon. It makes me want to schedule a vacation with them now. 🙂 All I do know is that those relationships are few and far between.

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

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