welcome, baby boy.

Indulge me for just a day as I introduce to you to the campfire we just can’t stop staring at… for on August 29th at 1 pm, we welcomed Baby Boy Meredith into this world.


Big Brother Cancan and Gaga (my mom) came to meet Baby Brother around 5 that afternoon.  Gaga was, of course, gaga, and Cancan was over-the-moon in awe.


We began getting to know him…


We being Dada…


And Mama…


And finally, around 8 o’clock that night, after whittling our choices down to three names, we went with Theodore John.  We call him Theo (or TJ, if the mood strikes us), and we’re smitten with its meaning and significance: for he is loved (‘dore) by God (theo).  

He shares a middle name with the HBH’s favorite person in the world, his brother John, and a middle name with my dad and brother.  We also like to think that he high-fived his great grandfather in and out of life, as Grandpa (John) Mac, passed exactly 24 hours after Theo’s birth.  Because it’s all life and death, death and life, folks.  We live and breathe resurrection.

Finally, he bonded with Big Brother and Gaga some more.


Eventually, along the way, we took a couple baby selfies…


He’s not-so-secretly made known his favorite place to reside: chest side, neck side, nestled-in-to-your-whole-being side.  I am not opposed.



We arrived home yesterday, and he’s already started joining in on the family dance party.  Here’s his best “Stayin’ Alive” pose thus far.


We’re all learning the art of one-on-one parent-child defense, and Gaga is quite the pro teaching all of us the ropes.  (She did raise three children, after all).


Thanks for cheering us on, friends!


Cara “up all night, but that’s all the moaning I’m going to do” Meredith

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