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Y’all: Love you, love your show.  I’m making this quick for obvious baby-was-due-four-days-ago reasons.  Check back for the inevitable birth of our second son!  But otherwise, if you’re new here on a “What I’m Into” monthly check-up, I link up with the Lovely Leigh for a recap of the past month.  Who am I kidding?  It’s mostly about the books I’ve read and the two-year-old kid I already think is pretty cute, as I’m not the best about recording everything else.  Enjoy!  

38.5 weeks pregnant (i.e.: two weeks ago).  What's the little bugger going to look like?!
38.5 weeks pregnant (i.e.: two weeks ago). What’s the little bugger going to look like?!

I read…

Devil in the Details (Traig, 4/5) – I mean, how can you go wrong with a memoir involving OCD and Judaism?  Bam.

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? (McLaren, 4/5) – While I would have preferred something meatier, I think this is a necessary read for people of the Christian faith.

We Need New Names (Bulawayo, 3/5) – this African writer explores super tough issues in a coming-of-age novel. Definitely hard to digest at times.

The Bible’s Yes to Same-Sex Marriage (Achtemeier, 2/5) – I don’t give it a low rating because of the content per say, but more so because of the way he went about exploring the topic.

A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island (Putman, 2/5) – I just needed a brainless Kindle read during those insomniac nights. Mission accomplished.

Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child (Gottman, 4/5) – A definite must-read for parents.

Big Little Lies (Moriarty, 5/5) – Friends, this is the PERFECT summer beach read. Moriarty’s best one yet!

Reclaiming Eve (Burden, 3/5) – I am so proud of my friend Suzanne’s words and simply have some other theologically-minded pro-women books at the top of my list.

Life After Life (Atkinson, 3/5) – K. I’m not sure if pregnancy brain just SUPER set in upon reading this book, but it took me a good while to feel like I actually understood the plot line. If you loved this book, tell me more, tell me more!

A Prayer for Owen Meany (Irving, 5/5) – Do not do as I did, and that is for YEARS judge a book by its title. Instead, head to your local bookstore and pick it up ASAP. This is one of the best fictional books I’ve read in years.  Also, click here to join in the discussion on She Loves magazine, as it’s this month’s Red Couch book club pick!

Animal Farm (Orwell, 3/5) – I’m a sucker for 99-cent deals on Audible …what can I say? And, considering I’ve known all about this book, but hadn’t actually read the book, I needed an excuse to read it. Done.

I’m reading… The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective; The Preaching Life; Crossing to Safety; The Circle.  

I wore… big, stretchy womb-filled clothes.  Not a whole lot to write home about, folks.

I wrote… Oh friends, I edited and revised and revamped and rewrote last month’s “three more chapters.”  The book writing process never ends, I say!  It was also fun to write for Jen Pollock Michael and Suzanne Burden, fellow Redbuds, and to pour my heart into an article for an upcoming digest, Theology of Ferguson.  

I ate… lots of heartburn-filled food.  (This baby must be rather hairy with all the heartburn he’s giving me come 9 pm each night!)

Le bebe?  Check back here for details – he’s arriving soon, soon, soon!

And otherwise…

My kid and one of his besties.
My kid and one of his besties.
My love and a celebration of life together …although we didn’t go out the night of, we did make it out of the house, kid-free three nights later!

Finally, I laughed a hearty belly-laugh at this… awkward parenting story from our girl, Glennon Doyle Melton.  LUB.  

Much love!

Knocked-up mama and soon-to-be baby

What about you?  What have you read and digested and seen and done this past month?  What put a HUGE smile on your face?  What left you disgruntled?  Do share!

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  1. I moved. And otherwise survived. So excited to meet your new little guy! He’s coming sooner or later! (Let’s hope sooner, right?)

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