#booknerd (once upon an excel doc).

A couple months ago, I decided to break the Insta-ice and reveal my inner nerd to a small population of the world.  And this is what they saw:


It’s an excel doc simply titled “2014 Books” because after tallying last year’s book reading results, I found myself wanting to know more. To which the general population responded with some of the following comments:

How do I love this?  Let me count thy ways.  #booknerd

This is great!!  Can u email me this list?  

I love you.  [At least three times …which I take to mean, Cara, even though I am officially so much cooler than you, I embrace your inner nerd, wholeheartedly.]

Spreadsheet for books read?  Wow.  [Cough, cough, sarcasm.]

I don’t even know what to say about this… My OCD loves it & my lack of sleep makes me jealous?

Because, you see, I wanted to have the following categories (and to-be answered questions) at my fingertips:

*Date read: How many books did I read in a given month?  Why are there more books read in a particular month than in others?  Is there a trend year-to-year seasonally?

*Title of book 

*Author: What author(s) were “trending” for me this year?

*M/F: How many books by male authors, and how many books by female authors did I read this past year?  When I’m more cognizant of book choice, do I tend to choose female authors?

[Last year I noticed I read a TON of male authors, but I also didn’t think through my choices as much: I just read whatever came my way.  But given the choice of book (and given the books suggested to me), do I naturally gravitate towards my own sex?  Does this matter?  I think of some of my Christian male friends in particular who – sadly and wrongly – only read books by male authors.  Do their reading-actions matter?]

# of pages: Really, how many pages did I actually read in a year?

Genre: Although I feel like I mix up the type of reading I do, do I still gravitate towards one kind of reading more than another?  And, for instance, as a someday-to-be-published-memoirist, am I reading my fair share of memoirs?

Mode of reading: Was this book read in paperback or hardback form, on Kindle or via Audible?  What types of books do I tend to read in any one category?

Rating: How many books do I rate 4’s or 5’s?  When I look back at the end of the year, will I decrease some of my ratings?  And since I’m reading books that have been more highly recommended than others, will I tend to have higher ratings?  Will I even have a worst book read category like last year?  Dun dun dun.

Year written: How many classics did I read this year?  Do I tend to only read books published in the past couple of years?


Even though all of this information can be found with a couple of clicks (check out Goodreads, if you haven’t already), for end-of-year purposes, I wanted to have it within reach.  And, my book nerd friends, here’s some of what I’ve discovered already:

*Of the 64 books read so far this year, only nineteen have been written by male authors.

*I’ve read fifteen memoirs (including foodie-memoirs and spiritual memoirs), which to me means I’m learning more and more about the craft!

*This past month has yielded the most amount of books read in a month – of which I have one word for you: VACATION.  (Another word: Grandparents.  Another word: Pregnancy).

*And, I’d venture a guess that I tend to read most of the fiction books read via Audible, rather than in held in my hands …but am I missing something by reading in that way?

On that note, we’ll put a close to this conversation, but I’m eager for your input!  First of all, what’s your secret inner-nerd?  Let him or her out of the bag!  Second, what questions or categories would you add to this word-nerd list?  Join the geeky conversation!

14 thoughts on “#booknerd (once upon an excel doc).

  1. This. Is. Amazing. A friend of mine had a beer spreadsheet in college that he used to keep track of all the cool craft beers he’d tried, and this is infinitely cooler. I’m so type-B that Excel gives me hives, but the beauty of seeing this many read books in one place – ooo I love it!

    1. The funny thing is that I’m normally pretty type B, but when it came to this, BAM ….a part of me I’d never known just woke up and said hello! Who knows?!

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

    1. I haven’t read any of those, Leah Super-Starr, but I surely have some new books to add to my list. PS: LOVE Huffpo! 🙂

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician. carameredith.com

  2. This is amazing. I really need to get into more books. It might be cool of you did a book list for the year for those of us looking to expand our libraries. (If you’ve done this already I apologize, I’m new to the blog.)

    If there’s a list please email/reply because I’d love to see the full copy.

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