the little things: grow old with you (kate gallagher)

Guest post Tuesday, guest post Tuesday!  Today’s words will surely put a smile on your face …and remind you that the little things really are the big things.  Enjoy these words from the girl I shared a Claire’s BFF necklace with in elementary school, the lovely Kate Gallagher.  I sure like her, and you will as well. 


A little over two years ago, I was awakened in the morning as I have become accustomed to by my husband’s alarm on his iPhone …which was about 30 minutes before I needed to get up and an hour before my husband needed to get up. At that point, we had been married for five years and together for 12. For most of those years, I’d been awakened early by that damn alarm even though my husband would hit snooze over and over again, falling back asleep each time – something I have never been able to do. I’ve never been a snooze person, nor have I ever been able to fall asleep after being awoken by a blaring alarm clock.

So, on that morning, I had become increasingly annoyed and I finally barked in my most agitated voice, “What’s your plaaaan, CURT?” And he responded, half asleep, “Grow old with you.” I immediately regretted my snotty tone. It was the sweetest thing I’d heard come out of his mouth in a long time. Not because my husband isn’t a nice guy, because he is, but in spite of how long we’ve been together and how much we talk about our future, neither of us ever really say things like he said in bed that morning.

I come from a family with divorce(s) on both sides. My birth parents divorced when I was at an age too early to remember much. A later divorce on my mom’s side completely blindsided me. And now at 35, I’m at an age where many of my friends have been married and divorced already. It’s all around; sometimes it seems inescapable. It’s something I don’t dwell on consciously, yet I do fear it.

When my husband interrupted my morning rant with his sweet sentiment, it was probably the first time since our wedding day that the commitment we made to each other, for life, was voiced. On our wedding day, surrounded by our closest family and friends, I felt as loved, protected and invincible as I had ever felt. What he said reminded me that we made a vow to love each other till death do us part. While wedding vows are no guarantee for a lifelong marriage, remembering that day and that power I felt behind the words we said to each other gave me a little pep in my step for the rest of my morning.

My husband has all sorts of annoying habits, like waking me up before either of us need to be up, every day. But I bring my share of annoyances to our relationship too. His ability to wake up in that positive and even loving frame of mind, in the face of my crankiness, was a great reminder for me to change my perspective and to appreciate those little moments that are so unexpected! He probably doesn’t even remember saying those four words, yet two years later, recalling them brings me quite a bit of happiness. I hope I return the favor to him someday 🙂

backpackingKate lives in Denver with her husband of 7 years and two Brittany spaniels. She loves to cook, eat, hike, camp, bike, walk her dogs and read non-fiction while also fitting in lots of DIY projects with Curt.

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