getting down 'n' dirty.


I found myself at it again: mindlessly staring at the chocolate-colored dirt on the computer screen before me, I see pictures of succulents and “small space gardens.” I wish for the birth of my own Inner Farm-Girl so I too might dig deep into the earth and actually, literally feel where it all begins. But as happens too often, instead of putting to practice this holy act of returning to my roots, my Pinterest folder is the only perennial that seems to bloom.

Author Fred Bahnson seems to so easily practice what he preaches in Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food and FaithBecause for him—and really, as should for all of us, I suppose—“…working with the soil opens us inward where we find a God eager to lavish upon us God’s mercy and compassion and love” (249). Getting our hands dirty with the essence of earth opens us outward, and it reminds us of the joyous, unpredictable messiness of human life.

If I’m honest with myself, and with you, I want and I desire an abundance of the Maker’s mercy and compassion and love—so if becoming one with the soil is part and parcel of how I might get further in touch with these outpourings, then why wouldn’t I join in a bit of this messy, dirty-filled earth, even now? Why wouldn’t I embark on this journey even today, when I don’t seem to have the time, when digging in is just another thing on my never-ending to-do list…

This post was originally written for She Loves magazine – read the rest of the article here, and potentially join in the down ‘n’ dirty!

So, what about you?  How’s your Inner Farm-Girl shaping up to take root this summer?

2 thoughts on “getting down 'n' dirty.

  1. I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself, but really my gardening successes are only due to our wetter than normal summer so far… since normally I forget to water and everything shrivels up by July. Hmm… sounds a lot like that whole “put your own mask on first”, self-care, filling your bucket stuff that I keep reading about these days!

    1. “Fill your bucket” ….well, perhaps it is that kind of post. 🙂 Really, I just write what they tell me to write. 😉 xo.

      Cara Meredith

      writer, speaker, musician.

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