la pasion birds.


La Pasion Birds by Chiara Bautista

What do you see when you look at this print?  What catches your eye?  Do you see her perfectly painted, glam-red nails and the thorn-crested tattoo?  What’s up with the brooch affixed to her shirt? What is the significance of all that red?  I find myself asking the whys: Why is she wearing a matador mask?  Why has the black hummingbird been crowned victor already?

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Cara “How’d I catch a brain-numbing cold in June?” Meredith

It’s your turn: muse over the painting – does it move and shake and perplex you like it does me?  Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

4 thoughts on “la pasion birds.

  1. Pretty sure that’s a Mexican wrestler mask, matadors wear funny hats, not masks. Do you see her fingers making peace signs? I thought the black bird was a prince or something, not necessarily the victor. There’s a lot going on there.

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