proof of supermodelness (now signing autographs).

As y’all may recall, the height of my supermodel career came this past fall, when I rode bikes up and down San Francisco-esque hills in an effort to clearly portray the ease of Public Bikes’ new electric bicycles.  Seeing as there hadn’t been even one inquiring email regarding my prosperous career, I wondered if pending contracts had perhaps gotten lost in my spam folder.  Just in case Public Bikes had lost the amazing footage of me, myself and I in all her modeling glory, I decided to pay a visit to their website to see if I’d actually made it big time.

And, oh, friends, I have – all I can say is that I have arrived.  Watch out now, Marisa Miller – there’s a new, knocked-up supermodel in town!

So, for your Friday viewing pleasure, I proudly present the start and finish of my modeling career…

[If you’re reading this via email, you’ll probably have to click the blue title link at the top in order to watch this incredible 2 minute, 31 second video.]

Happy Friday, everyone!

What about you?  Are you as miffed as I am that the contracts haven’t come in from the biggest modeling agencies in the world yet?  And more importantly, how do you speak sarcasm today?

2 thoughts on “proof of supermodelness (now signing autographs).

  1. I love listening to all these people talk about how hard it is to ride bikes in SF! (And I don’t doubt it — I’ve walked those hills and they were no joke. It’s just seems like such a … *specific* product.)

  2. Sarah, TOTALLY – they were definitely asking all of us the same questions, and variations of (the same questions) over and over again, to make a most obvious point. Regardless, I got to be a supermodel! 😉

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