the 10 most memorable posts of 2013.

I am slowly emerging from that magical, sparkly time called Christmas + a perfectly timed bout with food poisoning + a soulful social media rest …and although I don’t generally believe in looking at stats, I couldn’t help but peek at the top ten posts of this past year:

Let’s see what you remember:

10.  The happiness is a birthday list, in which I reminded you that I cuss, AND I really, really like Jesus.  It happens.

9.  Writing about leaving the big, sexy city for a move five miles south to the beachy ‘burbs.  The honeymoon ended, friendlies.  9355467

8.  When I got all Rage Against the Machine at the Target lady on the phone, and then apologized.  Ugh.  For the love of the red and white!

7.  A letter to my 24-year-old self.  Question is: will I say much of the same to my 34-year-old self in another 10 years?  Ack.

6.  A story of a Wednesday, with all the love directed toward one of my writing buddies, Mama Erin (who, again, will write the Next Great YA novel).  img_1794

5.  That time I linked up with Addie Zierman, and wrote about my On Fire years – Maybe we’d even let them in…

4.  And then – and perhaps one of my favorite stories of the year – that time I tried my hardest to be a supermodel.  Where are all all the modeling jobs now, yo?


3.  After reading the book, Momma Zen, I wrote about truth in the nighttime.

2.  Okay, and apparently there must be an ongoing search for “crazy Target lady,” because the second most read post this year?  “Wherein the crazy Target lady strikes again.”

And, finally (and this was a big surprise), the #1 post for this year, which included minimal “I’m a writer, hear me ROAR” actual writing was the following:

1.  That time you voted for our annual Christmas card, via the fabulous skills of our friend, Peter Thomsen.  Do you remember what won, at least in our we-need-to-giggle hearts?



If I can sum up the stats, this means that I need to head to Target upon the hour, always be on the lookout for uphill, red-faced modeling opportunities, and promote various friends’ incredible skills more often.  Oh, and be honest and truthful and soul-clinging, and maybe, just maybe, be the best me I can be.

xo, c.

What about you?  What post here on be, mama. be did you find most memorable this past year?  


2 thoughts on “the 10 most memorable posts of 2013.

  1. Happy New Year! And also. Thank you for making my day. I just went back to read one or two of these that I had missed (maybe pre-knowing you?) and I laughed aloud. As always. You have a gift with language, a perfect blend of writing (very well AND) with truth, grace, and humor. Standing ovation.

    (And one more thing, because after reading your Target posts, I bet you can appreciate… I got a mean, hateful email from a customer the other night. I promptly copied it in word, challenged her grammar and word choice in the comments with tracked changes. I never sent it, but it REALLY made me feel better. Anyway. That’s for the Target reads.)

    Here’s to another year of reading Be, Mama. Be!

    1. haha – oh, thank you, friend! And thanks for the encouragement with writing – it’s needed. It’s necessary. I need to hear it, today.

      Ugh. Customers. Luckily I haven’t had too many Target incidents as the year has gone on, but I am continually amazed at how grumpy and mean people are (which, um, is who I was when both of those incidents happened…), so I just try and laugh it off and realize that it’s probably not ME they’re actually grumpy and mean at. But I fully support your incredible grammar skills AND the never-sent (but perfectly updated) email. 🙂

      Lots of love!

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

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