9 last-minute, do-good gifts

I have this friend whose name is, uh, Zara.  And although Christmas is only five days away, she realizes she probably needs to get on the holiday shopping – but she doesn’t just want to give her loved ones more stuff.  In the spirit of giving, she desires to double her giving quotient and help someone in need; therefore, she’s jumping on the giving do-good wagon.

In case you, too, are in need of some last-minute, do-good gifts, consider supporting the goods of these organizations:

1.  A bracelet from Starfish: The Starfish Project helps to support exploited women in Asia.

Starfish supports exploited women in Asia.
The Blake wooden stretch bracelet, Starfish Project.

2. A necklace from TOM’S.  K, I’m stoked – the company that kick-started the movement has added “Marketplace” to their website; now, you can browse by Cause, Region or Brand.  This necklace, for instance, is multi-region, and helps in nutrition efforts for children.  Brilliant!

The Citrine Balboa Necklace, Tom's.
The Citrine Balboa Necklace, Tom’s.

3.  Give a goat.  I’ve long loved the idea of giving a goat, of buying a buck, of Christmas-ing a cow – you get the idea.  Check out Heifer International’s famous guide, “The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World.”  (World Vision does the same).  

4.  Give the gift of KIVA – this is for that someone who really doesn’t need another coffee table book.  Why not instead give a loan to someone around the world in need, through their name?

5.  Get your Noonday on and help a family adopt their little one – Noonday Collection supports artisans around the world, and various independent ambassadors also receive a portion of the profit.  So, in buying (for instance) a pair of Annie’s Feathered Earrings, not only will you help a woman like Sidhama, but you’ll also help Katie and Mike bring home their little one.  Win-win, I say!

Noonday Collection.
Noonday Collection.

6.  Give a year-end gift (…or two, or three) to your favorite organization.  This time of year is crucial for the non-profit community, so help send a kid to camp, or help in the empowerment of women who need it most.  And, like KIVA, this is a fabulous idea to give in someone else’s name.

7. Be hiip!  K, y’all: this is one of my favorites, because hiip’s founder, Nicole, is one of my favorites!  By buying a hiip little fanny pack, a second pack, filled with essentials for the homeless, is given to our friends on the streets of San Francisco.  And, you automatically can look as cool as this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 9.03.17 AM
Pacific Heights, hiip.

8.  Help fight human trafficking – While there are so many organizations now doing incredible world in the fight against human trafficking, IJM and Not for Sale are two of the forerunners.  Give a gift in someone else’s name, and help change a life!   

9. Wear a hat!  Finally, Krochet Kids seeks to help empower people to rise above poverty.  And from their website, “We desire holistic freedom for our people to grow and enrich their lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”  Yes, yes, yes!  So, don your kid’s head in hoots of hilariousness with this hat:

the hoot, Krochet Kids.
the hoot, Krochet Kids.

Well, I think we’ve officially given Zara some good ideas of gifts that give back.  I know I’m encouraged!

Love Always, Cara “Who’s Zara?” Meredith*

What about you?  What organizations that give back would you add to the list?  And otherwise, how in LOVE with those feathered earrings are you?  Ugh.  

*None of these organizations paid me to promote their products.  I just think they’re great.  And there’s also no guarantee the lovely gifts will reach doorsteps by December 25th – but tis the season for a week-long Christmas celebration!

8 thoughts on “9 last-minute, do-good gifts

  1. Yes, yes, yes! If I weren’t on my phone, I’d be pinning this to my “shopping for good” board. As one of our students recently said, “That’s just what we do’s.” Will be pinning.

    All wonderful and gracious, that necklace… Also, Freeset bags! I’m giving one away in the new year. These are all wins. Christmas for many!

    1. I love it! And I’ll definitely tell Zara to check out freeset bags. 🙂

      Cara Meredith Courtesy of …the greatest phone on the planet that happens to have an ‘I’ in front of its name.


  2. The twelve days of Christmas begin on Christmas day.
    I just took back the season. Embrace it. You can now be up to twelve days late with no repercussions!

  3. Those are great ideas! I really need to check out that Toms marketplace site, but in so spoiled with a local do-good gift store (5 Pound Apparel) that I always just hit them up for last minute gifts. They have a new Missouri is Awesome line that is so funny — my dad loved the “Missouri/Not Missouri” shirt I got for him with Mo & Kansas printed on it. Good luck getting all your Christmas shopping done, Zara!

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