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Friendlies, hello! 

We are back from ‘BAMA, having celebrated a most delightfully southern of a holiday.  I pulled out my Nancy Reagan 1980’s Anti-Drug campaign, and Just Said No to the Internet for the most part (which I encourage you – always, always – to embark on when vacation comes your way).  And now, with Pandora’s Soul Christmas playing in the background, we’ve got some catching up on the home front to do.

But first, I am delighted to join in with five other bloggers to offer a very merry Christmas giveaway to you!  While be, mama. be. is primarily used as a writing platform, I’ve been more than encouraged at the community sprung via these online relationships.  Because somehow, someway, these faraway faces become actual friends, which is deliciously magical in and of itself.

There’s Katie, my kindred spirit of a friend in North Carolina who’s empowering her community and beyond to join with them in bringing home an adopted little one; and then there’s The Other Cara, my sister from another mister, as I’m pretty sure there’s somehow a familial relation even if we haven’t discovered quite yet.  There’s Sarah, whom I can’t wait to have a 24-hour marathon of GREASE with – your place or mine?  And then there’s the lovely Lesley the Encourager in the wide, wide world of writing and speaking, because she gets it; finally, there’s Mimi, whom I’m just getting to know, but like simply and solely because she’s all about the deep south and Mississippi in particular.  Get it, girl!

So, what’s there to win?  Watch out now.  I wish I could enter.

Merry Christmas giveaway

The giveaway starts today and goes through Sunday night, so follow the link to Rafflecopter below, and get your win on!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

xo, c.

Friendlies, how was your Thanksgiving?  And what delights you the most in this giveaway?  

16 thoughts on “giveaway, giveaway! you, you!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! A little belated:-) I love this giveaway:-) I am most excited about the etsy gift card, because I love supporting crafters! My thanksgiving was spent with family at my moms house. It was so nice and relaxing. I have so much to be thankful for!

    1. Leah, I love it, and I can perfectly picture (in a memory-like sort of way) what your Thanksgiving looked like. Hugs superstarr. 😉

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

  2. Thankful for my mom who made 9 homemade desserts because she knows I love’em! Well, there’s no dessert in this giveaway… 🙂
    So, very fun idea and thoughtfulness!

  3. Hey Cara! I thought I’d drop in and just say hi and how much fun today has been offering these goodies to readers! Your blog is delightful and I’ve enjoyed perusing your posts : )

    1. Oh thank you, new friend! I’m excited to get to know you as well, and of course am curious as to your ties to the south. Are you still in Mississippi? We have a ton of family in the greater Jackson area and are there pretty regularly. xo!

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

  4. CARA! I am so glad you enjoyed another trip down south! Thanksgiving was beyond blissful this year. Returning to work today, sleep deprived and full of crummy food? Not-so-blissful, but that’s ok! 🙂 And, my sad cry, “Pick me! Pick me!” 🙂 loves to you… j.

    1. I hear you. All the food ingested into my system is slowly making its way out. Just say no to bloat! 😉 As per the giveaway, did you do all the potential pickings on rafflecopter? That’s your best bet!! xo.

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

        1. Feel free to hop on a plane this Thursday or Friday and head down to Palm Springs for a writing weekend with two other writing buddies; it’s going to be glorious, and MAN, I should have hit you up about it. Next one!!

          Cara Meredith

          be, mama. be.

  5. Thank you so much for asking me to participate in this giveaway with you. I hope you’re not in too much mourning re: a certain football game last Saturday which shall not be named.

    1. ha! I unfortunately, am not the biggest football fan, but it was INTENSE in the Meredith household on Saturday. It was a game to be remembered for the next 100 years, as the HBH said – so the end result didn’t make anyone TOO sad, at least not for too long. 😉 Glad to be doing this giveaway with you as well!

      Cara Meredith

      be, mama. be.

  6. Well, that was just a very, very sweet compliment. Thank you, Cara! So happy you contacted me about this giveaway. I wish I could win it all myself!

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