okay, fine. i’m thankful.

At the risk of sounding overly trite two days before The Year’s Official Day of Giving Thanks, I’ll instead keep today’s post of gratefulness short and sweet.  Because you know what?  I’m just plain thankful.  (There, I said it.  Sometimes it just comes out.  It happens).

*For a little sicky bubs, who’s just that much more more snuggly.

In case you're wondering, this is not the daily norm.  Like, ever.
In case you’re wondering, this is not the daily norm. Like, ever.

*For jam sessions with pianos and guitars and mandolins, and voices that blend just as they should.

*For meeting neighbors and playing on playgrounds, for quick hellos and those that last just a few minutes longer.

*For my grandmother’s piano, and the sign found inside the bench that makes me laugh each time I see it:

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Oh, Grandma Mac.

*For the HBH who pulls me up to dance to “Karma Chameleon.”  It happens, people, it happens, so come a come a come a come a come a chameleon...

*For the five pounds I’m about to gain come this coming week’s food: “…I only know how to cook normal southern Turkey Day food (read unhealthy and lots ‘o butter)…” says my lovely sister-in-law.  Watch out, Paula Deen!

*For blackberry margaritas and watermelon pico de gallo, and other such Pioneer Woman recipes that make mouths happy!

*For this new daily view, while on walks.  Might I never grow tired of shouting THANK YOU for this little slice of perfection.

Pacifica, CA.  Our new home.
Pacifica, CA. Our new home.

*For mamas to lectio with and the gift of sensory stillness.

So, it’s your turn: what are you thankful for today?  xo.  c.   

4 thoughts on “okay, fine. i’m thankful.

  1. Beautiful view!

    I’m thankful for family, for five days off, for the fact that I’m NOT shopping on Black Friday, for the fact that we get to celebrate a friend’s engagement tomorrow, for all the interesting folks who have come into my life through the blogosphere (you included!), for books, for tea, and for time to enjoy the last two together in the next three days.

    Happy belated Tgiving to you and yours.

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