celebrity dopplegangers (Vlog).

Well, friends, it’s happened again: Micha and Cara have joined forces to bring you an incredibly important, super duper serious video log.  So, what do Reese Witherspoon, DJ Tanner, Jessi Spanno and Elizabeth Shue from Adventures in Babysitting have in common?  Just about as much as Alyssa Milano, Sarah McLaughlin and Maya Rudolph.  So, pull up a chair, fix your eyes accordingly on the screen for the next five minutes and get ready to laugh – because we think you just might.


What about you?  Who’s your celebrity doppleganger, or who would you LIKE to be your celebrity doppleganger?  And, more importantly, do you think Maya Rudolph wants to be movie star besties with me?  Cross the fingers, cross the fingers…

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