cara’s highly coveted text awards (ahem).

I used to loathe texting – I suppose because of the impersonal nature of the beast.

When I worked with teenagers, I found I was unable to get them to pick up actually answer their cell phone, but fully able to communicate for hours over the thumb-driven medium.  [Sad, but true.]  Then I left ministry and found myself relieved not to have to answer the phone when it rang, for I held no directorial obligations any longer; so, no joke, I kept the ringer on silent for eight months until I felt okay to hear the phone ring again and found that I missed missing every call.

Well, fast-forward to the present day and age: I’ve returned to the Land of the Living, and find that I’d like to have a phone call reminiscent of my middle school days when I sat in the back bedroom with my black and white Radio Shack steal-of-a-deal extra-long cord wrapped around my fingers, with Saved by the Bell blasting in the background as to keep Brother and Sister from hearing my super-secret “Did you hear?” conversation.

But alas, Little Man makes it near impossible:

“Aw shi, aw shi, aw shi!”

“Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamama!!!  Dada?  Dada?  Baby!”

Bang bang bang bang, clank clank clank clank, “Cancan, uh uh, no no – no gravel for Cancan [two-minute pause in which I forget there’s someone on the other end of the phone while I extract pea-gravel from my toddler’s mouth]what were you saying, Friend?”

So, unless I’m driving or on a walk, talking on the phone is near-impossible, and I’m back in love with texting again.  And Friendlies, I’ve had some AMAZING texts as of late – so let me share some of these nuggets with you:

1.  BEST COMPLIMENT VIA AN 8-YEAR OLD TO HIS MAMA THROUGH TEXT: Christopher (and Heidi).  I mean, not only is my taco soup AWESOME and the best soup ever, but I am called a fine soup.  Is there a higher compliment?  Yes, I will make you soup weekly, you precious little Ghanian!  This set of texts was also followed up by a phone call, in which his love for my soup was again broadcast and I was called a good friend.  SOLD.  heidi

2.  BEST USE OF EMOTICONS IN PROCLAIMING WHO YOU ARE: Kara.  New mama Kara’s daughter, Isla, currently lives in a wooden wonderland of a nursery – but that’s not enough to actually get my friend to sleep in a tent, under the stars, sans a hot shower.  I will work on glamping, though.  kara3.  BEST WISDOM IN A LITTLE NUGGET OF A TEXT: Lily.  My friend is soon moving from San Francisco, her home of six years, to Seattle – and while it’s going to be a great fit and opportunity for her, moving is still hard.  Leaving the familiar to head to the unknown is a form of grief, but I love that Lily is embracing and aware of the moments of sorrow and moments of joy.  Truth!  

lily4.  MOST CHEWABLE TEXT OF A THOUGHT: Erin.  Again, pertaining to moving: but have you ever thought of it as “lightly soul-crushing”?  I’m still thinking about that, even today.  What do you think it means?  How have you found it true?

photo copy 45.  MOST OUT-OF-CONTROL, HILARIOUS SET OF TEXT: Neighbor Mark, of course.  I’m pretty sure he’ll win this award, uh, always.  The context is on what “Uncle Mark” will be teaching Cancan as he gets older – and this he then clarifies…  (Yes, I deleted the last one for highly inappropriate and potentially offensive reasons – although it was pretty funny).

photo copy 26.  BEST CALM-FACE IN THE MIDST OF THE MOST FANTASTIC NEWS EVER: Cousin-Kait …who just got engaged after dating her boyfriend, Ken, for the past nine years.  I speak in exclamation points, she in steady underground giddiness.

photoHonorable mentions: The HBH (be still my heart), Sister (always), Jeannie-friend (cryptic hilariousness), Bianca (oh, soul sister), Cousin-Han (we speak in funny), and Micha & Wendy (for collectively “getting” my scar-tastic love language).

For these highly coveted awards, you’ll be receiving …all my love.  And the opportunity to have your text showcased again.  Watch out, now.

What about you?  What text has put a smile on your face and made you giddy all the way down to your toes?  And more importantly, do you speak in emoticons?  

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