sacred friendship: the good & the hard.

I am delighted to write for SheLoves Magazine today – read the beginning of the post here, and then follow the link to read the rest!  xo.

Photo cred: SheLoves.
Photo cred: SheLoves.

I’d forgotten her very essence is Wisdom Personified.

It wasn’t until we four sat at the table, had finished the roasted beet soup with feta and dill. We’d helped ourselves to seconds of bread and salad and wine, and I was reminded of my friend’s truest and most authentic self.

“Even if things are hard, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad,” she mused, pausing and breathing deeply between phrases, thinking, remembering, leaning into the memories. “And likewise, even if things are easy, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good. It’s all in the semantics, you see.”

Husbands now a piece of our intimacy, we individually embraced her simple, profound words.

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  1. this is crazy! I just read your post on sheloves a few days ago. I recently wrote for them too. Anyway, loved your story. And here you are, my neighbour on FMF. Small word indeed!

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