from the mouth of babes (vlog)

Happy Friday, Friendlies!

I’ve got to warn you: This little bit of vloggy goodness just happened with the Magnificent Mama Monk Micha – and I’m pretty sure we’re funnier together than we would be apart.  (I used to use that phrase solely for marriage alone, substituting “stronger” for “funnier,” but hereby bequeath this into the realm of friendship as well).  So, do nothing but sit back and enjoy this woeful tale of a cussing toddler and the burden of not using the words “butt” and “fart” – for, who knows, our humor just might be the slice of spectacular you’re looking for today.

xo. c.

What about you?  What woeful language disaster is your child or friend of small human stature into these days?  And more importantly, what’s the best song you’ve ever made up?  Sing it, please.

If you’re making it to be, mama. be for the first time today, welcome!  Cheer Cara on by liking the Facebook page, or clicking “follow” to receive emails directly in your inbox.  Grazi.  Otherwise, have you checked out Micha’s page yet?  Do it, do it, do it…

4 thoughts on “from the mouth of babes (vlog)

  1. Oh Cara, I already knew you were sweet but you’ve also got some sass and spark. I like, I like! It’s so very fun to watch you two together…you have nice chemistry and I’m fully supportive of more vlogs (not that you need my permission, but you know what I mean.) And, hey! Get started on that first book. I think you’ve found a nice niche–“Parenting Your Potty Mouth Toddler.”

  2. Thank you. This is the funniest moment of my week. Also raised in the south, I’m totally getting Micha’s issues on the “b” word and the “f'” word. Guess I have that to look forward to?

    And the best song I’ve made up was a ditty about finding a parking spot. But I don’t remember it.

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